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Deliverance Has Certainly Begun.



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My first blog never quite got in before it was gone. I worked so long and hard at it that I couldn't start over. Someday, I would like to put it in. But for now, I am jumping in here.

Four months gluten free:

Things are going a bit better with the family. They are cooking foods which I can't eat/smell outside.

My husband is starting to notice a dramatic change in my irritability and reaction to stress. Infact, things have slid off like water off a ducks back. I have to say it is much easier to react well when I feel better.

I have tests pending for nutrient absorption and allergies to food. It looked like it couldn't happen this year and suddenly it seems like it might. :)

My adopted son has damage to his small intestine. His was due to parasites, not gluten, so far as we know. This means I get to learn about small intestine problems double. Once for him and once for me. I ask his doctor a question and can apply it to both of us.

:D I felt super the last two days. So good there were tears in my eyes. I had energy to burn and moving was easy.

Well, then late this morning I was out. Someone's grilled hotdog was accidentally placed by my nose. I smelled mustard. I reacted with the glands in my neck feeling pressure.

I bought "gluten free" hotdogs and grilled them. About 2 hours later I got diarrhea.

Next I walked into the kitchen where my family was rolling eggrolls. My glands swelled up again. I went to hide in my room. It was then I noticed my tummy was bloated. I grabbed my measuring tape and found I had gained 3 1/2 inches around the belly button. It looked like my belly button was caving in.

My friend Sharon and I were amazed as we talked about the villi of the intestine. They are small, they are "hairs", but they are vital to getting nutrients to our body cells. Anyway, The Lord knew what He was doing when He created them. Evolutionist would have a difficult time to explain how the villi of the intestine evolved. I have no problem because God knew how to make it. Amazing, how much damage can take place and it still works. Also, it can heal when conditions change. I am glad mine is having the chance to heal. I am gluten free now and back from nowhere. :)


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