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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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2 Gluten Days To Go :)

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6th May: A beautiful warm day - had family round for a bbq (those willing to brave the dreaded chicken pox anyhow) and only 2 gluten eating days to go - hoorah - I have tried to enter other posts but my STUPID computer keeps deleting my entries! also I have 2 entries sat off with draft marked on them and dont know how to get it off anyhow.....I feel dreadful headachy, achy in general and tired, tired, tired. Im not sure if I have had a reaction to something Ive eaten today but my throat feels really tight - like somebody is crushing my windpipe - I have had this on and off (mostly off tbh) for a number of years - to the point (at its worst) where I wouldnt even let my partner touch my throat ... Im thinking that this could be a symptom???...everything else is!

My last failed entry: my sadness - I was (and still am) feeling a little low, unmotivated and a little defeated - even though I know that my gluten free days are litterally around the corner and my body will recover from this hell I have put it through ... The revolution that I may have had a surgical proceedure some time ago for no point what so ever has made me sad, sad and angry - nothing major - a laproscopy key hole - which left a (not so neat) scar under my tummy button, its purpose - to help find the source of pain on intercourse - when they found multiple small cysts on my ovaries but nothing to explain the pain I was shipped off to counselling ... because obviously it was (is) in my head - the counselling didnt work and like most of the reasons I have been to the Gp over the years I just stopped asking why and have lived with it - like the tiredness, I get a 'blood tests come back fine' from the Dr.'s receptionist and thats that - occassionally I get iron tablets - so more recently I just self prescribe multi vitamins! Also the knowledge that the dryness down there may also be attributed to this is maddening - I have lived with this for all of my adult life.

Im worried about going into hospital on Thursday - not for me but for my baby - he refuses to take bottles or tippee cups and is hit and miss taking puree'd foods - I know he wont starve over the course of a day but he wont be happy - he has to start taking formula soon though as im back to work in July ... God help my dad who has the daunting task of looking after him for the day (incidentally - the first day I have ever left him).... Thinking about it - maybe I am slightly anxious about going into hospital and maybe this is the reason for my throat feeling like its closing up ... hmmm

I really need to look into the best way to help my body heal after the last 3 weeks (even though I was only off gluten for a matter of weeks the first time) ... thats my goal to help tomorrow pass a little more quickly ....

Im pretty sure there was something else I was going on about in the last failed post ... but cant remember! .....
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Hoping your Dad and baby are fine and that you will not have leave em again for other procedures.


Get Better***.  I am so glad the last donut is gone!  Really following the diet is a piece of cake compared to symptoms!



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