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The Beginning Of The End Of Celiac Reigning In My Life. Two Years Of Progress.

Entry posted by 1desperateladysaved · - 855 views

When I was 19 I fell ill with mononucleosis. From than on I carried what seemed like 100 lbs of fatigue on my back. I tried many natural ways to relieve and energize me. You see that I tried to take care of a large family. Yet, sometimes it seemed that it took more energy to make a meal than I got out of the meal. I felt tired, but the doctor said, "Of coarse you are, you have a big family to care for." I often taught home school, in my living room, lying on the couch. While sitting up, I fell asleep between words on a spelling test! It came to a hilt that awful summer of 2007. I dragged my feet every day, I schemed easier ways to get the same amount of work done. I even had my refrigerator up on blocks. I hated my life. Finally, my husband said that I was going to a chiropractor for help. One who had helped me long ago. I went to her for help and received supplements that saved my life, but I still didn't learn I had celiac. IN the summer of 2010 I had to admit that even though I continued the supplements, every tissue in my body was irritated. A light dawned in my friend the chiropractors face. Gluten, have you stopped eating gluten? I didn't know what it was, so I went home and looked it up. That would explain a few things, I thought.

The major symptoms I can think of: bloating, mental fog, extreme fatigue. Oh, yeah and secondary infertility.

That was the beginning of the end of celiac reigning in my life. I have had quite the ride since my diagnosis two years ago. My foggy head has cleared. My fatigue is gone. Only after a really hard day of work or virus am I tired. I have used many supplements and natural health techniques to heal and help me. After two years, I still feel my body is still transitioning! On good days now I feel as if I have been given a glorious life. My children are growing up and doing incredible things. They are different than they would have been with a healthy mother, However, my problems have in many ways been a blessing to them.

Hoping all who are suffering from celiac will be delivered from all of their chains.


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That is so good to read, Dee. Someday I hope you are rewarded with many grandchildren.

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