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Back To Chicago For The Holidays



Got my plane ticket 4 the holidays. I got lucky last year and it was in the 40 degree range in Chicago area last Xmas! Probably won't get so lucky this year.
Last year I was BRAND new to celiac and this is how I coped on my 10 day trip:
There are LOTS of celiacs over there (as are there lots of Norske's and other Scandinavian peeps- I read somewhere that most celiacs are Northern European???). Anyway, there was a health food store 5 min. from my mom's suburbian home and we stocked up on waffles and cookies and frozen breads I had never had out here. It was great!
EATING OUT: We rounded up my mom's girlfriends and went out to a SWISS FONDUE place called Lucerne's in Rockford. It was FANTASTIC!!!!! There was a first course of bread or something you dip in cheese (I couldn't have that one so I just drank wine-- but then they had seafood and veggies you fry in oil at the table in the fondue pot. And then a third course where you dip marshmallows and pineapple and other fruit in chocolate! YUM
It was awesome!
I also ate BBQ at Famous Dave's (I half expected to get sick, but didn't!!) It was DEE-LISH!
Then, on XMAS day, my petulant self decided to get sick on purpose (I was new and having a hard time eschewing gluten-and wanted to have one last stab at some favorites) and EAT MY GRANDMA's blueberry pie, biscuits, stuffing, and EVERYTHING I wanted for one meal on Xmas day. My back and leg hurt bad for a couple days, but it was worth it. (I'd also had beer on my 30th bday in the fall just to be spiteful and stick up my middle finger at my new diagnosis!!!!!!)
This time we're gonna round em all up and go to a TEA ROOM where you sit at long tables full of women and wear BIG HATS.
PLUS: THere is plenty of that gluten-free beer around, so my goal is to lay my grubby hands on sum and try it!!!!!


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