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[size=3][font="Comic Sans MS"]It was my first trip to New England and I went to Boston, New Hampshire, and Maine. Aside from paddling kayaks (boy, am I still strong!), riding the subway, railroad train, ferries, and water taxis, kissing by lighthouses, getting Witchy in Salem, Mass., and generally being a tourist, I ate at several gluten free establishments recommended by someone on the site. The results were so-so.
I ate at [color="#0000FF"]Legal Seafoods [/color]in the Boston Logan Airport and this was the BEST! They had gluten free menu and I ordered crab caesar salad WITH gluten free croutons! I also had Gluten Free LIght Clam chowder (aka chowdah)! Not really like real chowdah, but a broth with floating veggies and clams, and SOUP all the same. I ate at a friend's house where we stayed and boiled lobster (I grabbed them ((claws had rubberbands still on)) by the top of the back and threw them in the pot), but I got glutened- I think from the homeowner aka bachelor's kitchen. cross-contamination...
I ate at a kitchy place in Portland, ME, that touted a Gluten-Free menu, but they were out of most of the items. The dessert was so-so, the sweet potato appetizers were disgusting blobs of orange. ugh. inedible. The salmon, (my 3rd choice, but not sold out) was impeccable. My friend said it was even better than when she was in ALaska!
The fine dining place, [color="#8B0000"]The Elephant Walk [/color](French and Cambodian cuisines) in Boston was a nightmare. The waiter was SO SLOW he apologized for "abandoning us". At least he acknowledged it! They had a Gluten-Free menu, and it was ok (I had the apple chicken dish that was French, and the chocolate dessert. I noticed my plate was shaped differently than the other plates at my table, but I GOT GLUTENED BADLY! Usually, I'm home or out by the time it sets in, BUT the waiter was SO SLOW that we were there for hours and it happened THERE! I had to go DOWNSTAIRS to the one stall restroom THREE times. Worse, the restroom is down a long hallway, and when I'd exit (p-u), the woman walking toward it would smile at me, and I'd be SO EMBARRASSED that she'd know I was THE ONE...
NICE, was the [color="#008000"]Hilton Hotel [/color]that is next to the Logan Airport (rooms were QUIET, not a sound from airport!)--They cooked the corn pasta for me and I never got glutened by it! I just asked for olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic on it. YUM! I felt so special!
Anyway, it was great fun! Got yummy blueberry and strawberry/champagne Jam in Maine as well as a t-shirt from Salem that reads "Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go to SALEM![/font][/size]


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