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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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3 Week Vacation



[size=5][font="Comic Sans MS"]Making a list of what to cook, eat, and do for my 3 weeks off work:[/font]
[*]Order from Celiac Specialties: especially Dr. Schar's crackers and apple streudel and donuts.
[*]Buy Woodchuck Cider, Ian's Chicken Nuggets, Cravings Place Pancake mix
[*]Go to Whole Foods (far away)
[*]Find a Brazilian Restaurant
[*]Try to make Chile Relleno
[*]Make poppyseed coleslaw again
[*]Make pie with gluten-free graham cracker crumb crust
[*]Make bananas foster again
[*]Try to get rid of my lactose intolerance like I did before
[*]Try the day spa where you go in the mud bath
[*]Go to the Getty Museums again
[*]Find a video editing course to take later
[*]Try again to teach myself to crochet and ask the lady at work for help if needed (asking 4 help is foreign 2 me- I recently looked through my baby book and my mom had written that when I was 2 I'd grunt when frustrated but wouldn't accept help) All the women in my family crochet. It's a midwestern/scandinavian thing.
[*]Download music to my computer (I don't have an ipod)
[*]Plan my Hawaiian vacation for January week3
[*]Plan Spring Break vacation: New York or Yellowstone
[*]Plan summer vacation: Alaska or Europe
[*]Finish charitable donations
[*]Do creative things I don't normally have time for
[*]Display my handbags with holder thing
[*](I'm done with xmas shopping and mailing- just need one gift)
[*]What I hope to get for Xmas: Coach bangle watch and Scrapbooking Computer program
[*]Blog about what I got for Xmas-I'm old now & like giving best- people at work (22) liked the SuperSoft Microfiber blankets I got them
[*]Find a way to get my students on a field trip since gas prices drove the price up and it got cancelled


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