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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Aldi's

    I just got my password updated so I can post on this topic. (I've been off these blogs for a while--just accepting my gluten free life w/o perseverating about it) Aldies is such a great option for all of us celiacs/gluten free persons. They have many reasonably priced Good Life products (all r worth sampling)---but the very best thing they have which alone is worth a visit is their BREAD!!! They make the best bread ever--and I had sworn off bread due to always a disappointment-- it's even delish not toasted! I have been eating sandwiches now--like the old days, throwing together w/ ease and on the go. The only bread I also recently discovered at Price Right and Stop and Shop, which is as good or better--- is Three Bakers bread! It's so delish...do others enjoy?
  2. Jamilah - I found your question concerning support groups in W. MA this morning. I'm newly diagnosed with having crawled up into diabetes, and I blame celiac for it. Would like to be in touch, if you are game. I am in Lee.

  3. Need To Find Celiacs In My Area

    Also interested in how to make people understand how easy it is to cross contaminate. Like how I can't share a drink w/ someone eating glutenous foods, and cookware. I swear people really think Ive gone over the edge to exclude my self including my family!! No problem eating w/ someone eating gluten---it doen't cc to that extent. Wooden and plastic dishes can retain gluten, but other dishes/glasses are fine. It's good to be careful, but you can't live in a bubble. Cheers---
  4. Greetings one and all--I'm looking for the gluten-free community in western ma---if there's a support group, I want to join! If not, can we start one? I've been pleased to see there are options for eating out---Smokin Lils, Woodstar, chicago Uno and more. Maybe it's just ho-hum to be looking for support. Maybe noone needs a forum or group? I've been gluten free for over 3 years, Dx by biopsy, but I still crave to know others. Went to the GIG conference in Richmond for just that reason---like being one who is gay and going to gay pride to be w/ others like yourself!! I learned alot, but met noone local So hellloooo out there? Anyone??? Thanks for listening--- Jamilah
  5. Western Ma?

    Hi, I got this info from this forum posted in March from Kristen2Denise. Places w/ gluten free menus include Butternuts in Hadley and Smokin Lils in Noho. Sierra Grille in Noho will tell you what is gluten free on the menue. Cam's Mom wrote that Panda East in Amherst, and Thai Corner are gluten friendly if asked. My personal experience includes Woodstar in Noho (which is a friendly coffee shop w/ sidewalk/patio seating) has glutenfree muffins and cupcakes baked on mon wed and fri. And I go to Deals and Steals in Noho which has slightly old but still quite good organic /natural foods marked way down. I get cookies, cereal, pasta, snack bars, mixes and canned foods there (and clothes) at a much better price. Let me know next you visit your parents and maybe I can meet you and your son at Woodstar... Cheers, Jamilah
  6. Western Ma?

    I'm in western MA, which seems to have alot of gluten-free folks, given the resteruants and food available, but I haven't found the community. Is there one? I'd love to hear from you...I'm Dx 3 years ago ( by biopsy), and still struggle. Would love to meet others and get together for dinner? Hopefully yours, Jamilah