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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. It is very possible it could be a sign of celiac. With all of my symptoms, exerice and increased activity only makes the symptoms a million times worse! Keep in mind thought it could be something else. In addition to the gluten, I have also have a herniated esphogus which causes the valve between your esphogus and stomach to not work making anything and everything to easily come right back up...mostly stomach acid. OTC meds do nothing for me. I have to take a strong precription medication to keep the acid down to a tolerable level.This only got worse as I grew up and whenever I was more active. Just keep an open mind that it could be more than just celiac. Testing for celiac us a great idea. I actually got my diagnosis through a colonoscopy so if they biospy your son, they might see other signs or issues for the reflux. Celiac might solve your son's problems without meds. But if he still has the acide reflux, remember that stomach acid can do a lot of damage too and is just as important to get taken care of. Hope all goes well for your son! Neither of these are fun issues!
  2. I've never had problems either too and I too have never had problems. Sounds like a typical CYA statement (cover your ass).
  3. I LOVE McFlurries! They put the spoon in a stirring device so your own spoon mixes, not a pole like at Dairy Queen. This prevents a lot of cc! I applaud McD's for doing it. Around me, however, they have taken reese's off the menu and replaced it with rolo's
  4. In my experience by me in the midwest it depends on the McDonalds and what there practices are and more importantly how strict they follow them. For example, if the hash browns are gluten free they may have been made a shared fryer with chicken nuggets. Then you may have a CC problem. I've never had a problem with the shakes...I'm kind of addicted to them
  5. Pasta

    Do you have Super Walmart by you (the walmart fresh foods)? I can find Tinkyada pasta at a decent price there. I can only find it at the larger walmarts where there is fresh foods. The smaller stores do not seem to carry it.
  6. Kellog's Rice Crispies?

    I was just making some fruity pebbles treats of my own and low and behold the back of the box advertised for gluten free premade fruity and coco pebble treats! Prefect timing so I had to share
  7. Kellog's Rice Crispies?

    Pre made are out (sorry!). As far as making them on your own, in my store they sell both regular (with malt) and gluten free so you have to be careful. I don't really care for the gluten-free rice krispies so I trade them for fruity pebbles which are gluten-free The marshmallows should be safe--I haven't found one that isn't.
  8. My dog looked drugged and beaten for days after getting 3 teeth pulled too! We even took him home earlier because my husband works at the animal hospital and knew what signs to look for which only made the dog look more pathetic. He looked soooo sad when he came home--like he didn't know where he was!
  9. In my experience, not all stores have all the food listed on there. Around here we have Food 4 Less (which is Kroger) and they barely had anything in the store. Maybe an actual Kroger store will be different.
  10. Hey all....I found a coupon for $1.00 off any Glutino or Gluten Free Pantry Item. I don't know if they will block this out, but it's at coupons dot com.
  11. Recipe Suggestions?

    There should also be some sort of medical exemption for you I would imagine. You may have to have some paperwork filled out by your doctor, but something should be done to accommodate your medical condition. Having to share a kitchen with the whole dorm or floor is, in my opinion, a health hazard, especially for cross contamination.
  12. Recipe Suggestions?

    Can you use a griddle? What about a quesodilla maker? You can make all sorts of things on it super quick
  13. Staying In Hotels

    Some hotels will provide a small kitchen, but you will have to pay for the upgrade. Also, you can buy a single electric burner that plugs into an outlet which would make your options endless. You can always just stick to sandwich, wraps, and soups type foods.
  14. Wendy's

    He he...
  15. Pregnant And Nauseated - Help!

    I am 10 weeks pregnant and there are a few things I always have handy. First is ginger ale. This is a life saver and has helped me soooo much! Second I have snacks on hand all the time. It seems that grazing or munching on small bunches of food helps than trying to eat meals. I usually have rice cakes or trail mix on hand. I like the trail mix because it gives me some protein so I usually feel a little fuller without eating much.