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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This Sounds delicious. I just have one teeny tiny problem. I don't own a Springform pan. Any Suggestions?
  2. Hmm, I bet it is! I love their pancake mix. Isn't the cake mix expensive though? I know it's $5-6 for the pancake mix.
  3. Wanted to see what everyone's favorite gluten-free chocolate cake mix is. I've only tried making one brand so far, it was Betty Crocker's Devil's food. Super easy and doesn't involve a lot of ingredients to be added in. The taste was delicious and no one knew it was gluten-free, if I didn't tell them. Very expensive at $5.50 a box. I basically made a $12 cake (two boxes of mix and add in the price of the frosting) Just bought a package of Bob's Red Mill chocolate cake mix. Haven't tried it yet, but I don't need to buy two packages because it says it will make two 8 inch rounds. Don't currently have any frosting so I can't make it anytime before Tuesday. The price was only $3.39, so far it sounds like a win for Bob's. I read the directions and it doesn't sound as quick and easy at Betty Crocker's, but I certainly look forward to trying it. My grocery also carries the Hodgkins Mill cake mix and I haven't tried that yet either. Just let me know what your favorite is and why. Thanks!
  4. Anyone Trying This Month?

    Awwe! Mommida! Thank you so much for sharing that! I think the labs screw up more than we know, especially when it comes to pregnancy. I read a great book on how we shouldn't believe how far along we are when they tell us. They calculate the pregnancy weeks in the wrong way, think we're not as far along as we really are and because of that, make assumptions. Because they go off the typical cycle "30 days/14 days prior to expected period" and they use that to determine our baby's birthday. Sorry, I have a thing for pregnancy and how it really works. Good for you for not listening to the doctor. Happy birthday to your son! Life is so precious!
  5. Pork tenderloin Green Peas gluten-free pasta with butter and parm cheese! YUM!
  6. Anyone Trying This Month?

    Good morning all! I'm only slightly disappointed, but at the same time I'm very very encouraged because I got my period today. This means my cycle is about 41 days long. I don't want to become too distracted and constantly thinking about this, but I am going to start keeping a close eye on when my period comes and putting it on a calendar. It was so chaotic before (gluten-free) that I never kept track.
  7. Littllemel, I will pray for you!
  8. Anyone Trying This Month?

    Still no period. Today is day 39 of my so called cycle, since my period hasn't shown. Had pin size spotting in CM this morning and then pink TP this afternoon. My breasts are tender and glands feel swollen. If period doesn't show tomorrow...not sure what I'll do. I have two tests in the bathroom. :/ upwitht21, I hope/pray that next month is better for you!
  9. I love cat stories. Cats have such personalities and they know it! Thanks for sharing about your kitties and I'm sorry to hear about your kitty boy. My Mom rescued a cat long long time ago before my parents even met, named him Tiny, he would always come if he heard me crying or if I was hurt. When I was around 10, I flipped over my handle bars and was in the middle of the road, unconscious, Tiny was actually trying to protect me, to the point of hissing and getting mad at my Dad when he went to pick me up (my Dad ultimately wanted to kick the cat because he wouldn't let him pick me up). He died when I was 13. He was around 16 years old. The morning he died, he was above my head in my bed, kneading my hair and purring. I'll always remember that. I loved that cat. I think the most soothing sound is that of a purring cat. I've always loved having cats and even with the heartache of losing one, I can't stand to not have them around. I'm going to go give my cats some love now.
  10. Sounds like ours. If we're not up when they think they need to be fed, it's like the end of the world. If they hear us talk or move....they're meowing at the bathroom door (from the inside). If we leave them out at night, 'Chaos' will wake us up with several different attempts: walks all over us with his tiny little paws. All his weight is on this very small area of paw and therefore hurts. He'll eat my hair, hubs' is too short, therefore not effective enough. He'll get on the dresser and start knocking things off (do our cats know each other?) like anything little, jewelry is a popular one! Pens are a close second. He'll lick a plastic bag...urgh, I hate that! Sits in front of the dogs kennel and stares at him so that he barks at him, I then get up to get after the dog and then I'm suppose to notice the cat...haha! The other cat, Eli is very hungry too, but manages not to be so annoying! Btw, our alarm clock is on the dresser too. Hubs makes me get up and turn it off in the morning...only way to get me out of bed.
  11. I laughed so hard the first time he pulled it back and let it go! It so sounds like something my cat 'Chaos' would do, to a T!
  12. This is exactly why my cats get shut in the bathroom at night!
  13. Idk, some people aren't all there and wouldn't think that...or their minds aren't in the gutter Sorry about the TMI, stuff like that doesn't bother me, I'm probably a LITTLE TOO open about it.
  14. IH, you are so funny! I thought that was just what my hubby called it, never would have thought anyone would know what I was talking about. JN, it's not that crazy. Hubs just likes to yeah, get it on! LOL Only missionary and doggy. Doggy style monkey dance. What kind of picture does that play in your head? HAHA!