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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was tested by an environmental allergist 12 months ago using injections on back (bubble tests) and was highly reactive to gluten,corn, dairy, sugar cane, cassein ,and somewhat to tomatoes and avocado. I recently had bloodwork at a wellness center which included IgG blood work for food sensitivities. They were aware that I had been avoiding those foods for the past year....and were very pleased at the findings appointment to tell me that I was no longer sensitive to those items and this was great news. Wrong! I call the source of this test (called FIT TEST)...KBMO DIAGNOSTICS ...and they said I needed to be eating all those foods for at least 2 weeks prior to testing. My question for y'all is if anyone knows a blood test that doesn't require me to play Russian roulette and probably feel like crap for 2 weeks to see if I can tolerate what I could tolerate a year ago.
  2. Does iodine cause a DH rash to flare up? Do salyclyates cause some DH sufferers trouble? The question is not if corn causes DH ..but whether it can causes a DH rash flare up
  3. My history is. Typical to most posters...they find this forum after they have struggled for months. That's when we learn about the problems with a biopsy after steroids or blood work after going gluten-free. I have discussed my history on other threads and was trying to save everyone from a tedious story. So yes, I was biopsied and had bloodwork that were not positive for DH. And no, I don't want to do a gluten test and have GI biopsy. And yes, that is why I freely admit that while it behaves and looks like DH, it may not be. But the question is...if a person has DH and is gluten free....can other food allergens cause a flare up?
  4. I am sensitive to corn (diarrhea ) The reason this all is on my mind because I'm seeing an environmental allergist next week out of desperation. He comes with a great reputation for being thorough and a great sleuth /detective type. Quick recap : I never had any rashes until August 2014. Random stomach issue over the years and then slowly escalating rashes that were bilateral, reactive to iodine, not responsive to steroids.... but NOT insanely itchy. Dermatologist agreed to try dapsone 25mg four times a day and I got 75% improvement in 4 months. Reduced dapsone to 25 mg twice a day and for 3 months have maintained status quo. Still have some rashes, some itchiness but manageable. Now in the last 3 weeks, things are flaring and spreading. One thing I have been doing a lot past month or 2 is far infrared sauna and Epsom salt/baking powder/hydrogen peroxide baths . Not sure if any of this is significant but thought I should increase dapsone again and see if I have a "hidden" Allergen contributing to my pathetic state. Thanks for any advice, Mark
  5. LOL So at the risk of being b%$@# slapped... Are you saying foods that I have a sensitivity to will not cause a flare up?
  6. I have been tapering off my dapsone and thinking I was getting better, but recently entered back into the world of Itching. My idea of "healthy" is still have a rash on my lower back and neck hairline and sporadic patches on armpits etc...but 1/3 of what I used to have and .but significantly less itch.. I'm pretty confident that I have avoided gluten, but I remember many posts that discuss DH being a S.O.B.... And that sometime she raises her angry head because she can simply be a bi€th. (A disclaimer is that I had some honey whisky that apparently has been rated a 4 out of 10 on confidence of being gluten free.) So maybe I'm crazy, but I could swear that after drinking Arizona green tea that is proud of "no preservatives or artificial colors or flavor" I'm itching ...a lot. And my legs broke out. Looking at the ingredients it appears to Have high fructose corn syrup . So in my over active paranoia, I'm wondering if my DH is "smoldering" and if corn can act similarly to iodine or salycylates and aggrevate my condition. So until I rule it out..I've eliminated corn as best I can. Thanks for reading my rambling thought. Opinions appreciated!
  7. http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/garden-of-life-raw-meal-original-2-6-lb-powder/gu-7019#.U3qa7ye9KSM I suffer from DH and have not had the discipline to go paleo, or elimination diet , but have a low iodine, whole food, etc diet. I continue the no gluten, no dairy battle, have reduced my dapsone to 25 mgs 2xday I was wondering if the the garden of life Raw Meal mixed with coconut water is Good to have once a day 7 days a week, I have not been good with my "leaky gut" healing....for example have not been following a food rotation, forget my fermented veggies etc....but have been good eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods. Having one meal a day be a powder shake does make my life simpler. Thoughts? And thanks....
  8. Oh crap... I am sooooo embarrassied. Yes...y'all are correct ...and I am going to hide now. Digestive enzyme was changed. By auto correct. I am sorry...
  9. I give up...no I am not ingesting iodine....no I am not taking an iodine supplement. What I said is that when I ingest iodine...ie when I ingest a food that has iodine I react...ie I get itchy. I was trying to find out more about the link wine has to leaky gut.
  10. Foods that have iodine make me itch...hence ingesting iodine. Prickly...help me out!
  11. In contrast when my son in law has gluten and gets cramps, foggy brain and flu like symptoms...gluten makes me itch and have rashes.(dermatits herpetaformis)...not necessarily immediately. Ingesting iodine makes itching worse. I have found no connection between caffeine, wine in my symptoms...however..., I take probiotics, digestive iodine, black seed oil, l- glutamine etc to heal my gut... My understanding is there is a link between the immuno response to gluten in my rash can mitigated by healing my gut.
  12. In dealing with my DH, I am open to eliminating anything and everything that worsens the itch. So not only am I gluten-free, I am low iodine and low salycylates. (Lot as obsessed about the low Sal) I was drinking 2-3 glasses of red wine and 2-3 cups of instant caffeinated coffee, then in my attempt to go low Sal I switched to de-caf coffee and gin (lLOL) The more I investigate leaky gut, the more I concluded that I need to stop drinking. And I have...for 2 weeks so far. Here's my question... If alcohol was contributing to my leaky gut, is it like gluten, and even one glass of wine will yield serious consequences? I don't want to be taking probiotics, digestive enzymes and eating healthy and have a drink if it's going to cause a "relapse". It is y understanding that leaky gut takes months to heal, and it is my assumption that an occasional drink is ok, but I'm curious how many of y'all avoid alcohol completely.
  13. Becky, hang in there...I totally sympathize and empathize. Dave...can you elaborate on what you mean by your liver enzymes went up after you went gluten-free.. Itchy...can you elaborate on what a kitchen purge is? I share a house with a gluten eating dog and wife.
  14. Can We Talk About Iodine?

    Actually, in defense of my dermatologist , she is very open minded. After being confident of her initial diagnosis of exzema, when I returned 10 days later with beet red elbows, I said that I know she thinks this is exzema...but I'm thinking....and she completed my thought by saying...Dermatijts herpetaformis. I said thank you jesus! She confesses limited experience with DH...is humble and said that anything is possible. The fact that I began the process with less severe itching than her other DH patients is consistent with the fact that everyone is different etc. bottom line is that avoiding gluten is a good thing from her perspective regardless if it is exzema or DH .
  15. Can We Talk About Iodine?

    Quick recap.. I used steroid creams so negative biopsy for DH May or not be accurate. Migrating rash that was bilateral, non responsive to steroids and reactive to iodine. back, chest, arms, elbows, not in folds etc...and although my wife said it was exzema..I am convinced its not. Itch however, only 4 on a scale of 10 Dapsone significantly decrease itchiness but has no taken it away. Most of rashes as gone except low back and neck hairline. I no longer have to take 1/2 doses of antihistamines to get thru the day. After.one month of dapsone (25 mgs every 6 hrs) I went off it and almost immediately started getting itchy and rashy again. Back on for another month with return to better skin. That said, my dermatologist was disappointed that the dapsone hasn't been more effective. For that reason, the jury is still out on whether I have DH. My healing might be because of my diet, or might also be from dapsone.