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  1. selectivefocus

    Neuropathy vent/whine...why, brown rice?

    Posterboy, Stop spamming everyone's posts with "I think you have pernicious anemia". You have also messaged me and...
  2. selectivefocus

    Neuropathy vent/whine...why, brown rice?

    I would be careful of calling anyone with this disease lucky. We all have our problems. All of my children have different...
  3. I get horrible neuropathy down my legs into my feet, as well as low back pain and pelvic pain. I get such similar glutening...
  4. selectivefocus

    New Years and Snack Plates

    I love Primal kitchen mayo.
  5. Read this: https://scdlifestyle.com/2012/04/the-toxic-truth-about-gluten-free-food-and-celiac-disease/
  6. selectivefocus

    Hot Cocoa Causing Stomach Problems?

    I react to Swiss MIss. It has whey in it I believe, and also corn, but this is not a gluten reaction, even though it...
  7. selectivefocus

    gluten-free 3 years but constantly ill...

    I didn't read any above replies, but you probably have other intolerances that are going unchecked. We all do. Right...
  8. Anemia was my first symptom. If you don't want to live very long, by all means, continue eating gluten. Are you so set...
  9. selectivefocus

    Dental Problems

    I hear you. I had 2 molars pulled a couple years ago pre diagnosis for $100. But I have 3 teeth with major cavities currently...
  10. How many people have dental issues associated with celiac? I had nice teeth up until my 2nd child was born. Thats also...
  11. I've been gluten free 13 months. Many of my issues have resolved, but I've gained a lot of other food issues in the...
  12. selectivefocus

    Food allergy panel results

    However I found another one that does not!
  13. selectivefocus

    Food allergy panel results

    Still contains black mold unfortunately
  14. selectivefocus

    Food allergy panel results

    My theory is similar. For someone with undiagnosed celiac, I attribute gluten to being like a hurricane. It keeps your...
  15. Hey all. So I have posted about my 9 year old a few times here. I took her off of gluten in October. Back in April 2...