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  1. selectivefocus

    Dental Problems

    I hear you. I had 2 molars pulled a couple years ago pre diagnosis for $100. But I have 3 teeth with major cavities currently and they're so bad I don't think they can save them. Honestly the only thing that has prevented further damage was being diagnosed obviously, but using Xyliwhite toothpaste. I had a back molar that was as you described with pus and infection, and the xylitol is better than conventional toothpaste at keeping bacteria away. They also have mouth wash. I also recommend Nutribiotic GSE in capsules or tablets. I know the mechanism behind why it happens I just wish it didn't happen and I had nice teeth again
  2. How many people have dental issues associated with celiac? I had nice teeth up until my 2nd child was born. Thats also when most of my other symptoms exploded. My teeth are really bad now and while I think I have stopped some damage from continuing there's nothing they can do for a few of my teeth. It's seriously so depressing. I'm grateful for the celiac diagnosis because it was like ok, it's not just me, there was a reason my teeth went downhill so fast out of nowhere.
  3. I've been gluten free 13 months. Many of my issues have resolved, but I've gained a lot of other food issues in the wake of eliminating gluten because my gut was so damaged and my immune system was so overactive. My daughters have now joined me in this awful club. It takes a long time. I'd say in the first month my DH on my hands disappeared and my liver and spleen stopped hurting. But I'm still healing.
  4. selectivefocus

    Food allergy panel results

    However I found another one that does not!
  5. selectivefocus

    Food allergy panel results

    Still contains black mold unfortunately
  6. selectivefocus

    Food allergy panel results

    My theory is similar. For someone with undiagnosed celiac, I attribute gluten to being like a hurricane. It keeps your immune system constantly distracted and you can't see the damage it is causing. When the hurricane is taken away, your immune system realizes all the damage that has been done and it goes into overdrive. The other component is that celiac, especially long term undiagnosed celiac, damages your liver and pancreas and the ability to make adequate amounts of digestive enzymes. One of my biggest symptoms was constant unrelenting liver and spleen pain that went away after I went gluten free. I would not have realized this connection if my allergist did not draw my enzymes and they came back really, really low. So if your body is not digesting foods, and undigested food proteins make their way into your intestines and blood stream, you are going to have issues. I think my daughter would likely benefit from digestive enzymes, her panel came back negative for mold. I can't take digestive enzymes because i have a mold allergy and my histamine reaction is severe. That said, I went a lot longer undiagnosed than she did.
  7. Hey all. So I have posted about my 9 year old a few times here. I took her off of gluten in October. Back in April 2017 she had a food allergy panel done. She only came up positive for cows milk and just barely. She just had the same panel done a couple weeks back, and came up positive on EVERYTHING and in low-moderate amounts. She had been telling me that eggs are making her feel sick lately and I already knew she had issues with dairy, but came up positive on wheat, corn, soy, peanut, egg white, and cows milk. This same thing happened to me after I eliminated gluten. All of a sudden I had a million other food sensitivities. I have theories on why this is, but what do you all think?
  8. selectivefocus

    Sore nose

    She might not have responses enabled to her posts. I didn't realize you had to enable responses for every individual post and was not getting emails and I thought no one was responding to me.
  9. selectivefocus

    Sore nose

    My daughters DH showed up first around her nose. Two theories here: You are either getting glutened without knowing it, your body is mistaking another grain as gluten (i.e. oats, corn, etc.) or you have another allergy that is bringing this out in you. I got a horrible, painful mouth ulcer last night from something containing corn syrup. I didn't react to corn at first and now I am. Be vigilant in what you are consuming. Just because something says it is gluten free does not mean it is or that you will not react to it. Processed boxed foods are notorious for this. I can help you if you want to go over your diet of what you have been consuming. I should also say that one of my kids cannot tolerate tapioca and it was making her DH way way worse. It basically was just exacerbating the immune response to gluten she was having. Celiac is such a nasty, complicated monster.
  10. selectivefocus

    How Soon After Eating Gluten Do You Have Breakouts?

    I realize this is an old thread, but in the interest of giving more people info who are looking for it, I'll add my 2 cents I get DH around my mouth, blisters on my lips, and DH on my hands. My 8 year old gets it on her face around her nose, and my 5 year old gets it on her knees initially, but then it spreads up and down her legs if she has had a lot of gluten, or she keeps ingesting it, and it will keep going for days. She has the worse DH out of all of us. It starts immediately however--within a couple hours. My 2 year old gets eczema patches, not really DH bubbles/blisters, within hours of ingesting gluten. I should also add that I have been gluten free for 13 months now, and my DH has lessened in severity quite a bit even if I get glutened. It's only a few bubbles, whereas both of my hands were totally covered.
  11. selectivefocus


    We actually have a Vitamix. It's well worth the investment for a celiac who makes everything from scratch! When we first got it I was making very spinach heavy smoothies thinking it was sooooo good for me, until I ended up with terrible joint pain from the oxalates! We fell out of making smoothies with it since we moved last September. Anyway! I pack lunch and snack every day for her and her sister. They are not allowed to share food at school. I am meticulous about the food I buy and the food I give them so I don't think that's a possibility. I am fortunate to be stay at home mom so my girls get homemade good food every day. In addition to all of this nonsense, she has an anaphylactic almond allergy. Last school year a child at her old school gave her what appeared to be a peanut m&m, but it was almond, and she had to be rushed to the emergency room. My whole life food wise is bananas. HAHA
  12. selectivefocus

    White Blood Cell Counts Off

    Yes I have read that about eosinophils and celiac. What is frustrating is that each individual patient is different and an abnormal blood test should not be disregarded just because it isn't as "bad as it could be". Thanks for your input.
  13. selectivefocus


    Sorry, I should have clarified. My implication was not that these medicines are not necessary for her or anyone else. She prescribed her daily zyrtec because I said she was having frequent headaches and automatically gave her a diagnosis of pollen allergies when she has no issue with seasonal allergies. :/ Navigating celiac with myself and my kids has jaded me with doctors.
  14. selectivefocus

    White Blood Cell Counts Off

    They did the same thing with mine before I was diagnosed! I had abnormal WBC and my red blood cells were all wonky. I begged for a referral to an allergist and he was the only doctor to look further into my issues.
  15. selectivefocus


    What's frustrating is that her doctor just thinks a pill cures everything. I will literally try everything before putting my child or myself on a medicine unless its absolutely necessary. I think once this package of Miralax is gone, I'm going to stop, and see what happens with her on a limited dairy diet.