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  1. Will a celiac blood test show up negative if you have active/new DH lesions and the last time you had gluten was less than a week ago? How long does the body produce celiac antibodies after eliminating gluten?
  2. IUGR is relatively common in Celiac pregnant women, although my doctor has been unconcerned about it. I'm an informed patient however. After that appointment I stopped eating ALL grains, with the exception of simple kneads bread, which is a fermented sourdough but has no oats, rice, corn or...
  3. Does anyone have experience with Celiac during pregnancy? This is my first pregnancy since being diagnosed in January 2017. I went for a growth scan at 28 weeks (10 days ago) and it looks like she has asymmetrical IUGR. This is my 4th baby. I have never had any issues like this. Her abdomen...
  4. Posterboy, Stop spamming everyone's posts with "I think you have pernicious anemia". You have also messaged me and probably everyone else saying they have that. Neuropathy caused by gluten exposure (or similar proteins i.e. oats or brown rice) is a real thing. It doesn't mean I don't process...
  5. I would be careful of calling anyone with this disease lucky. We all have our problems. All of my children have different intolerances caused by Celiac. I can't have eggs or red meat. I have one with an anaphylactic allergy to almonds and cashews, one with a horrible soy allergy and salicylate intolerance...
  6. I get horrible neuropathy down my legs into my feet, as well as low back pain and pelvic pain. I get such similar glutening symptoms from brown rice cakes/pasta/flour and oats that I don't touch oats (even certified) and I usually don't touch brown rice either. (It is their proteins not cross contamination...
  7. Read this: https://scdlifestyle.com/2012/04/the-toxic-truth-about-gluten-free-food-and-celiac-disease/
  8. I react to Swiss MIss. It has whey in it I believe, and also corn, but this is not a gluten reaction, even though it can seem that way. Has she been tested for the top 8 allergens since going gluten free? She likely has other intolerances. Cocoa also gives me migraines.
  9. I didn't read any above replies, but you probably have other intolerances that are going unchecked. We all do. Right now I feel as though I have been glutened (liver pain, neuropathy, lethargy, just feeling really crappy) and I'm pretty sure it's from brown rice pasta and cheese. My oldest daughter...
  10. Anemia was my first symptom. If you don't want to live very long, by all means, continue eating gluten. Are you so set in your ways that you cannot change your diet at 68? Do you have children or grandchildren? People who care about you? If you continue eating gluten you are willingly and knowingly...
  11. I hear you. I had 2 molars pulled a couple years ago pre diagnosis for $100. But I have 3 teeth with major cavities currently and they're so bad I don't think they can save them. Honestly the only thing that has prevented further damage was being diagnosed obviously, but using Xyliwhite toothpaste...
  12. How many people have dental issues associated with celiac? I had nice teeth up until my 2nd child was born. Thats also when most of my other symptoms exploded. My teeth are really bad now and while I think I have stopped some damage from continuing there's nothing they can do for a few of my teeth...
  13. I've been gluten free 13 months. Many of my issues have resolved, but I've gained a lot of other food issues in the wake of eliminating gluten because my gut was so damaged and my immune system was so overactive. My daughters have now joined me in this awful club. It takes a long time. I'd say in...