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  1. It took 11 months before I really felt like I was thriving again. After being sick for so long, I was also dealing with an IBS like complication I guess? The zyrtec, bentyl medication, along with iron, b-vit, magnesium, and multivitamin and strict gluten free hand washing has me finally at a place...
  2. This recipe sounds amazing. I bet my body would appreciate all the nutrition and fiber too! Sierra soups has had a French style 5 bean I love, but, 15 beans! One happy bear here when I try this recipe!
  3. Hah! My first post! i appreciate this thread. Indeed, I have this isolated spasm left of my belly button and up a little just shakin away for the last several hours intermittently. Lots of gurgling and gassy today too. Not sure if I got a little cross contact glutened yesterday but fingers...