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  1. I was diagnosed with Celiac 6 years ago, microscopic colitis 11 years ago. In April 2016 I had my appendix out. I was put on Levaquin and another antibiotic. About a week later my bowel symptoms improved so much, I thought I found the cure, have your appendix out. About 5 weeks later things went...
  2. Before being diagnosed with Celiac, I would occasionally get so sick I would start vomiting, usually after eating out. After being gluten free for the past 6 years, when I get gluten, it is ugly. First, I had neck surgery, and the first symptom I get is my neck pain increases dramatically, followed...
  3. Thank you for the words of encourgement. I'm still adjusting to the diagnosis. I can't believe after all these years going to doctors for my bowel issues that someone finally said let's do an upper GI. I was diagnosed with Microscopic colitis six years ago, and that should have been a sign to that doctor that he should continue to look further. My new doc said that goes with Cel...

  4. Welcome! I saw in the "birthday" post that you are newly diagnosed. Happy Bday! This forum is filled with people who can offer you help and encouragement.They have been so helpful to me. I, too, finally figured it out at 53 after a lifetime of health problems and pain.Nearly 3 months in and things are gradually starting to improve. Hope you begin to feel better soon! See ...