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  1. I made a mistake, there is no shipping frozen items. So.....I ordered the donut mix. :wub: :wub: :wub:
  2. Are they anything like Krispy Kreme donuts or like cake donuts? Edited to add, forget the question, she doesn't ship.
  3. We started out with brown rice pasta but didn't like the texture, switched to the Quinoa pasta but after a while I really disliked the taste, it had such a CORN flavor then a friend told me about Bi-AGlut and we fell in love.
  4. Yes, my daughter, her husband and kids didn't believe BiAglut was gluten free, I had to get a package and let them, read Gluten Free on it.
  5. BiAglut makes an egg noodle.
  6. Share with us what you buy. I have tried EVERYTHING and prefer BiAglut. It's an Italian brand of gluten-free products, has been produced in Italy for more than 45 years by the Italian affiliate of H. J. Heinz Company. It taste EXACTLY like real wheat pasta. I order the different pasta's we use a few times a year. The best thing about this pasta is that you can serve it to non-gluten-free people and they don't notice the difference. It is certainly the BEST of the best. It's GLUTEN-FREE, WHEAT FREE, MILK FREE AND EGG FREE. Ingredients: Cornstarch, Potato Flour, Lupin Flour, Lupin Proteins, Mono and Diglycerides (Emulsifier).
  7. I only buy organic and I put a little vinegar in a bowl with water to wash it, then i rinse it good and use my spinner. I never get sick doing this.
  8. I wanted to share this because it's so hard to find these soups. It is Teri's and very good. Gluten free and Made in Gluten Free facility. It makes 7 cups BUT freezes VERY well and states that. I cook it and divide it into freezer Zip Lock baggies to use when I need it. And yes we have tried some od their other glten free items. And it's NON GMO.
  9. I hope you recoup soon, I know how bad it is when we get glutened.
  10. I've never had Van's 'but they look like some gluten free crackers I bought at Sam's' that had a slimy feel in my mouth. I've been desperate to find a good cheese cracker. We tried making some (recipe from Nicole Hunn) BUT they only last a couple of days and there is no way i can eat all that before they get soft and yucky. If the puffed goldfish taste like Cheeto's....I'll pass.
  11. We order our grits and corn meal and rice from a family owned mill that handles NO wheat. All the mixes are wheat free and all products are bagged in a wheat free facility! By the way, the hush puppy mix is the best we've ever had! It makes light, fluffy, soft hush puppies.
  12. We searched for the gluten free goldfish today, nobody in our town carries it BUT the lady in the deli said her sister in law told her they also make a gluten free cookie now. I came home and looked online, can't find evidence of that. I called and the guy I spoke to said the goldfish haven't been offically released yet and he had no idea about the cookie.
  13. When I ate their Soy sauce and Stir fry I got sick. I buy Kikkoman Glute Free Soy sauce. I found a gluten free stir fry but I'm out now and can't remember the name of it.
  14. That reminds me of our last trip to Albertson's. They carry a brand of sandwich meat and cheese that is gluten free in the deli. The girl that generally waits on us wasn't there last Wed. She is as good as gold because her Mother has celiac. A different guy was behind the counter so I made sure to tell him I had to be careful. He had just waited on another lady who bought another brand, not gluten free. I turned for a moment to look at something and when I looked back he was using the same slicer, there was another slicer that had been cleaned beside him. So I did say, excuse me, did you clean that slicer and did you change gloves? The look he gave me made me feel bad so I said, I'm sorry but if I eat that it'll make me terribly sick. He got an attitide and slung the meat in the trash. At this point I said, I'm sorry I've changed my mind, I better just pass and we decided to just leave. Another lady walked up to me on the way out and said, he had emptied trash before the previous customer and didn't change gloves before cutting her meat. I wanted to know how she knew all this and she said she'd been waiting to get some ham and cheese but changed her mind. No, I didn't tell the manager. I should have but I just couldn't stand knowing I might have caused him to lose his job, now I feel guilty that he might make someone sick. I get so tired of people making me feel guilty and yes embarrassing me. Some people just don't get it. The last time I got sick from cross contamination it took me 3 weeks to start to recover!
  15. CommonTater

    My Homebaked Bread

    It taste exactly like fresh baked white bread. I toook a picture of mine but can';t get it on here. They also have other types of bread. I still can't believe how blessed I am to have found this. You don't keep in the fridge or freezer, it stays on the counter for 5 days.