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  1. Did you read the article? It talks about causing hospital visits, and even accelerating the very disease that it is supposed to be fighting. It does not even offer proof that the slight decrease in infection is even related to the vaccine. The study does state that the chance that your child would not have gotten diabetes is higher than the chance that he would have a worse case of it, and it even implies the opposite. Even though you are severely biased in this matter, it does not change the obvious conclusion that even you should reach. The vaccine should not be administered.

  2. This is all part of the conspiracy to poison people by secretly putting things in literally everything that we consume. No matter what you buy and where you buy it, you have no way of knowing what is in it. You can buy an apple, and it could be sprayed with who knows what. You literally have to own your own farm and grow everything yourself to truly be safe. This is why our society is so overcome with disease. The government is fully culpable in this. They are the only ones who can at least try to prevent hidden ingredients, yet they do nothing about it.

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