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  1. On March 6th I got very ill; all symptoms of the corona virus, except fever! I went to the ER twice, but was send home for this reason: no fever, so no corona! The third time I went to my own GP, who gave me antibiotics, the mildet sort available. It did no good either. I stayed sick for four weeks...
  2. In my case I had to import the gluten- and lactosefree medicine from the US to the Netherlands! No lactosefree Plaquenil for sale here. But the same problem here: no mention of any gluten or lactose contents. You have to read the ingredients and make a complete study of what is: glucose-fructose...
  3. I am also lactose intolerant, so I have to skip the butter and because I am vegetarian, I have to skip the pork. So nothing good is left in your soup for me.
  4. I am gluten- and lactose intolerant and I have arthritis too. Not so long ago I could not find Plaquenil without lactose, so I had to buy them in the States and have my daughter send them to me. I was ridiculed because they thouht that a little lactose never could do me any harm! Same with my diabetes...
  5. In Europe they make glucose-fructose syrup, maltodextrin and dextrose of wheat. That could maybe explain why you still have flair ups. And many celiacs also suffer from lactose intolerance, like me. So it might help to avoid lactose. In my case it does. I have celiac, lactose intolerance, Rheumatoid...
  6. I didn't say my mother is to blame! I only said: a pity she didn't know! I am 76 years old and my mom was from 1906! In those times nobody ever heard of celiac.
  7. A pity my mom didn't know when I was young! Had skim milk very young, many ear infections, lack of calcium, lack of B12, had much bread to eat because of poverty and so on. No wonder I've got Celiac now!
  8. That is the best way for me too: make everything yourself! Yes, I love the Netherlands too, but I also like to travel to France. Only to find glutenfree and lactosefree food is a huge problem.
  9. I live in the Netherlands and Hellman,s is the only mayo without any problems for me! Here it is not labeled as glutenfree though. I learned the hard way: trial and error
  10. That was great, I wish they did that here too. But to make my case more complicated: I am lactose intolerant too, so there is hardly anything suitable for me you can buy! And I have nobody who can cook for me. And as I am a diabetic, I can not take insuline unless I eat straight after the shot...
  11. I'm 76 and I also fear the nursing home, where the cleaning ladies are tought to give insuline shots. My former cleaning lady told me so. So I asked her what she would do with a patient with low sugar? "Give him an extra shot insuline", was her answer!!! As if it was an aspirine! And don't ask her...