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  1. hersheygirl9

    question about stools?

    Thank you very much for the advice. I'll look into including high fiber foods in my diet without the supplement. The doctor has decided to run blood and stool tests to evaluate pancreatic function with a Pancreatic Elactase Fecal test as well as B-12 and Folate levels. Hopefully this will give me some answers. They have also ordered a 48 hour fecal fat test.
  2. hersheygirl9

    question about stools?

    Okay, thank you so much! What is all the testing that is done for celiacs? I've had half the blood panel, and a biopsy.
  3. I'm not sure if that is affecting anything. She has told me that she uses the restroom pretty regularly and hasn't had extreme or any issues really. Just something she has noticed is that she gets constipated if she has too much of white bread or all-purpose flour. Thank you!
  4. Thank you very much! A point I think I didn't explain properly, my family doesn't have a known history of celiacs. I was just assuming that my mom might have it because of the one constipation symptom. But just not at a serious level but who knows. I hope that the issue isn't celiac but I guess we'll see.
  5. i know this is kind of a gross topic but any help would be great. i have generally smooth stools now that do come with a little difficulty still but once they start it gets easier. my stools are really smooth where one long piece will have no cracks of any sort just completely smooth and very very soft. They aren't always like this though. Sometimes it's round pieces all put together in one lump. There is an oily film in the water when I pass stools. My stools are generally brown and don't float. I'm not really sure what's happening. My blood tests were normal, TtG and IgA tests, (I'm visiting the GI later this week and will request the full panel), and so were my biopsies (two were taken and I will talk to the GI about that too). Calprotectin to look for inflammation and Occult test to see hidden blood were also negative/normal. I am on PPI's and I'm about to start my third month on them. I'm really struggling to understand what's causing all the issues IF it's not celiac. I noticed the film a few weeks ago after doing extensive research so I'm worried that the issue might have been there before and I just never noticed it. I'm also taking a teaspoon of Citrucel every day, twice a day. It's really nerve-wracking so any advice and tips would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. I've been on a journey figuring out the cause of my digestive issues and i was talking to my mom because of the genetics involved in having celiac passed down (mom hasn't been diagnosed with it), and she said that when she eats white bread maybe one day she doesn't have any issues but iif she continuously eats it for a week she get's constipated. However, if she eats wheat bread like the 100% whole grains with the 7 types of grains and what not she doesn't seem to have any issues. She also said that all-purpose flour also gives her issues but not when she eats cake or anything of that sort. I'm not really sure what's going on. She doesn't have any stomach pain though. I have celiac symtoms like weird bubbling in lower abdomen almost like cramps, sometimes pain in my sides, bloating and pain in the upper stomach (but mostlikely due to the gastritis and h. pylori infection i have right now as well as the PPI's I'm on right now for it- antibiotics will start when I see the GI this week) and i have oily stools like an oily film over the water when i poop. I don't have constipation or diarrhea right now because I'm taking Citrucel every day for the past two weeks but I'm just worried. I know I shouldnt be trying to diagnose my mom with her symptoms. She says she doesn't have any issues and the bread/constipation only happens when she eats too much bread but I'm still anxious because I guess I'm trying to create a problem that might not even be there. Any tips or advice would be great. I'm a college freshman and this is all happening too fast. Thank you!
  7. I'm not yet sure if I have celiacs and with my research I've noticed that a huge majority of euro-descent population have celiacs or the chance to get it. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about south-asian or south indians, specifically ones born in india, and raised in the U.S. and their chances of having celiacs. No one in my family has ever shown signs or tested for it. Nor have they had any autoimmune disorders. Obviously a certain ethnicity isn't going to have a 0 chance of having the disease as our bodies are the same but I'm a bit curious about this and also worried about my chances of having celiac. This is a bit of an odd and specific question but any help would be great. Thank you!
  8. I think I will do that when I see my GI in a few weeks. My only concern is that I don't want the GI to assume that I'm undermining his knowledge which is most definitely not what I'm trying to do but so many outlets have given me so much different information I'm not sure what to do with it. I know he won't do another endoscopy to retake a biopsy but hopefully another full celiac panel and maybe a gene test? To completely rule out celiac or keep it as an option. Any suggestion on how to approach the doctor about my concerns? Thank you!
  9. I will be seeing my GI in three weeks and my PCP tomorrow so I will ask them about their input. I will have to wait for my h. pylori treatment to end though i think before I can stop PPI. Thank you!
  10. I looked up images and what I have on my arms looks very similar to it! Thank you!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if someone could describe to me what the DH rash looks like? I've noticed a slight rash on my upper arms but they just look like slight raised bumps and some of them look like acne/pimple rashes with the little pimple discharges inside. Not sure if this is what DH is supposed to look like. My upper arms are a little itchy but it's nothing bright red or anything. Honestly, I had to look to see the raised bumps and feel the acne/pimple rash. Any advice or tips would be great!
  12. As I mentioned to ironictruth's post I didn't realize PPI's can affect the small intestine and I truly hope it is the PPI's or lack of digestive enzymes from my gallbladder and such. I will look into these links and speak to my Primary Care Provider, hopefully she will be able to guide me. Thank you!
  13. I took antibiotics about a month and a half ago because I had some sort of stomach bug and was prescribed the antibiotic Amoxicillin-Clavulanate and prednisone, a steroid for ear inflammation. But its been a bit over a month since my last dose of either of those. The doctor doesn't want to give me a prescription for antibiotics for h. pylori until I see him in April which is really frustrating but that's his office's policy apparently. But can PPI's cause fat malabsorption? That seems like very uncommon and far out thing? Because the fat absorption happens in my small intestine. Honestly, I really really hope it is the PPI's. However, the nurse said that h. pylori doesn't cause fat malabsorption so I don't know what's going on at this point. Is there any relation to all of this in terms of my period being late? It's never been more than 2/3 days late if anything it will come a couple of days early. It's at day 6 now which my tracking app says is within the normal but I don't know. I have been really stressed but how far back can that even push the period? I also woke up this morning with one eyelid swollen, my right one. With the upper right and a little bit lower too part swollen rather than the entire thing. It doesn't itch or anything and I don't have any discharge. It just feels and looks kinda swollen and hurts a little, actually. I think my left eye is also sswelling but I guess I won't know for sure until tonight or tomorrow morning. I've read that this can be a sign of a stye starting to form. I'm hoping it's a stye but any help? Thank you!
  14. I will keep that possibility in mind! I will talk to the doctor and see what he can do. Hopefully, my insurance will allow it or the doctor will actually give the test a try. Thank you so much! I'll try to relax until my appointment.