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  1. Hello! I have no idea if canker sores are something that can be hereditary...but at this point anything is possible ?. I too have gotten them all my life but I mostly attributed that to what I was eating. When I started getting them it was years before I ever knew what celiac was or that I had...
  2. Ennis_TX, thanks for this link....you just might be my new favorite person lol!
  3. That's a good idea! When he was walking out of the exam room I told him that when it came time for him to need a doctor, I hope he got one with more compassion, understanding and a better bed side manner than he had...he just looked at me and walked out ? As for dealing with blaming my weight...
  4. Haha not sad at all that you wanted to congratulate me on the diagnosis...as odd as it sounds, I was thrilled lol, I finally had answers! I'm sorry you've had to go thru what you've gone thru. Honestly, it took me years to find that voice and be vocal about my care...I always assumed the doctor was...
  5. Hi Brandi, I totally understand where you're coming from. I was just received my diagnosis a couple days ago and honestly, while it's a relief to finally know what's going on...it was an uphill battle to reach this point. Looking back at all the symptoms I have, I've had a lot of them since...