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    Hello! I have no idea if canker sores are something that can be hereditary...but at this point anything is possible ?. I too have gotten them all my life but I mostly attributed that to what I was eating. When I started getting them it was years before I ever knew what celiac was or that I had it. I know that they can be caused by several factors including stress/vitamin deficiencies but when I was little...and even now, I ate a lot of high acidic fruits and veggies as well as a lot spicy foods which are both known to also be a contributing factor. I've only had my celiac diagnosis for a few days and haven't been gluten free long enough to know if celiac was the only cause of my canker sores or it was a combination of the high acidic foods, my vitamin deficiencies and the celiac. I do know that I when I slow down on the high acidic and spicy foods for a while, the sores tend to heal up quickly.
  2. Ennis_TX, thanks for this link....you just might be my new favorite person lol!
  3. That's a good idea! When he was walking out of the exam room I told him that when it came time for him to need a doctor, I hope he got one with more compassion, understanding and a better bed side manner than he had...he just looked at me and walked out ? As for dealing with blaming my weight and wanting me to be on happy pills, I assumed it was just me that was being told crap like that and that maybe my doctor was right. It wasn't until I stumbled across this site that I realized it wasn't just me dealing with those kinds of comments/crappy care from the doctor.
  4. Haha not sad at all that you wanted to congratulate me on the diagnosis...as odd as it sounds, I was thrilled lol, I finally had answers! I'm sorry you've had to go thru what you've gone thru. Honestly, it took me years to find that voice and be vocal about my care...I always assumed the doctor was right...you know, since they're the doctor and all lol. The only reason I knew I needed to keep consuming gluten for my testing is because when looking up the symptoms of celiac and testing done for, everything I read kept saying you need to be consuming gluten for the test. If I had stopped eating it before testing, there's no way I would have reintroduced it into my diet, I would have just gone on assuming I had at least a gluten sensitivity and left it at that. But I'm stubborn and I wanted answers. You mentioned licorice being one of your culprits...I used to eat red vines all the time, never looking at what was in them, so I never assumed that they were giving me problems...I was both shocked and sad when I realized I could no longer eat them lol!
  5. Hi Brandi, I totally understand where you're coming from. I was just received my diagnosis a couple days ago and honestly, while it's a relief to finally know what's going on...it was an uphill battle to reach this point. Looking back at all the symptoms I have, I've had a lot of them since I was 11 or 12 (I'm 33 now) and every doctor just brushed them off as something else. It's taken me way too long, but somewhere in the last few months I remembered I had a voice lol...by that I simply mean that I started being very vocal about how I was feeling and what I wanted next (ie...celiac testing). Before I basically demanded celiac blood work, my primary care doc (who I've seen for the last 6 years, with the same symptoms each time) looked at me this last time, and told me I needed to lose weight because that would fix my problems. He told me that a lot of times people see gluten free as a trend to lose weight and it doesn't work like that and instead told me to exercise more instead of doing the latest trends. He then proceeded to tell me that since I'd been reading thru the list of possible symptoms, some of them may just be in my head. We sat in awkward silence for about 5 minutes while he typed out notes on the computer, then he turned to me and told me he was going to write me a prescription for anti depressants ?. I lost it with him after that...I told him I didn't want/need anti depressants, I wanted/needed to know what was going on with my body and then told I wasn't leaving the exam room until I had an order for celiac testing. When that wasn't enough to get him to take me seriously I asked for a referral to a gastroenterologist. Fast forward to my first appointment with the gastroenterologist, he went thru my symptoms and he looked at me and said "So, you either have a really bad case of non-celiac gluten sensitivity or you actually have celiac. Either way gluten is not your friend, you need to quit eating it." He ordered testing just to be sure and when he gave me my results, he said it was pretty much the results he expected; I have celiac and that I needed to stay clear of all gluten. Honestly, I think I was actually excited to have the diagnosis, I know it's going to be a challenge to adjust to at first, but I'm glad to know what's going on. I only wish it hadn't taken my so many years and one very useless primary care doctor to find out....