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  1. I just joined this site as I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease for the last 10 years or so. Had the blood work and the endoscopy and there was no doubt that I have celiac disease. I too, have been careful but every now and then I slip up, particularly dining out, as not all places truly understand the difference between people choosing it as a lifestyle choice and those of us that have the disease. My reaction to wheat or gluten once I started my strict gluten free diet has always been violent vomiting and, not to be too graphic, severe burning diarrhea. I know after a couple of hours. I start to get a mild headache, then my face gets hot and I get nauseated. Most times I am sitting on the toilet with the waste basket in my lap because I cannot control either end. I get violent cramping and I usually vomit at least 4 to 5 times. What helps me the most is water, water, and more water so I have something to keep throwing up. Once I’m done, I get the shakes and feel really cold. It takes me a few hours to warm up, then I’m pretty much exhausted but I feel ok once I’ve purged everything out of my system. I have never went to the hospital afterward but I sometimes worry how much these slip ups set me back. Does an acute exposure cause lots of damage similar to repeated exposure before being diagnosed? My apologies for the long entry but it is a bit comforting to know that I am not the only one this happens to. I just had a slip up recently on vacation. I ordered the gluten-free burger on the menu which came with lettuce around it, no bun, and the server talked about how she has a friend that is celiac and knows all about it. There must have been bread crumbs or some other filler in the patty. 2 hours later I was sick and it was again very violent. It scared me enough that I starting searching to see if this was an abnormal reaction and came across this site.
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