This recipe comes to us from Elizabeth K.

1 cup toasted almonds
2 cups gluten-free corn flakes
2 tablespoons brown sugar
¼ cup melted butter
1 quart vanilla ice cream
6 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate
Optional fresh or frozen raspberries

Take out the ice cream to soften while you make the crust. Pulse almonds in food processor until very coarsely chopped. Add corn flakes, sugar, and melted butter and pulse until the texture of graham cracker crumbs. Press crumb mixture into an 8 or 9 inch pie plate. Set in freezer while you prepare filling.

Rinse out the bowl of the food processor, then put ice cream and lemonade concentrate in food processor bowl. Process until well blended. Spoon ice cream mixture into pie crust and freeze until you're ready to eat. Garnish with raspberries if desired. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).