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My Friend: Pain!

Posted by , 17 October 2013 · 853 views

Before I diagnosis, I did not feel celiac pain. I would notice my tummy bloating, my legs swelling, and have a pregnant looking belly. I had extreme fatigue and foggy mind, but didn't realize those until it went away one day. I trudged on with these mysterious symptoms that were "All in my head." Wondering in my dreamy state if something possibly was wrong.

Now, I am 18 months (well there about) into a gluten free diet. Some mysterious way, I got some gluten. Right away I felt sharp pings in my abdomen. The old pregnant looking belly appeared, I had a couple of days of extreme fatigue. I even got diarrhea, and I didn't have that as a symptom before diagnosis. . If I had I felt these signs during my 30 years of battling celiac disease; I would have been asking someone questions right soon. But I didn't feel them.

Today I am glad for pain. It is there to tell me (In no uncertain terms) that something is WRONG or something needs changing. I don't feel like I am dying, or have gone back to square one. I still have a clear mind and energy. Yet, I have been enabled to hear with once deaf ears, and I see where I couldn't see before. Pain is my friend today.

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Thank you for helping me see the silver lining in this. Your story is the same as mine. I will stop moping and feeling bad about this and be grateful that I know my body is telling me something, instead of silently hurting me.

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When you cut out gluten for a while, you become more sensitive to it. That's why it didn't necessarily hurt as bad when you used to eat it. I had the same experience recently. It included terrible pain, gas, bloat, diarrhea, rashes, etc. At least it helps you know what has gluten hiding away! :)

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I agree the body is able to tell me more distinctly that it doesn't like something than it use to.  IT is kind of an AHA moment when I experience bloating (an old thing) along with pings and D some new things.

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