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So Many Different Symptoms I Don't Know What Is Going On

Posted by , 23 January 2013 · 1,983 views

Hi there,

So I need some help if anyone wouldn't mind just taking a sec to give this a read. I have been suffering with problems with my stomach for over two years now. I had been on the waiting list in Ireland with the hospital to put the camera down for a year and a half but have now moved to Scotland so waiting to get tests done here.

The problems started in a part of my life which was very stressful. The symptoms started with just random foods causing my tummy to swell and a feeling of discomfort and just general sick feeling. Two years later and the symptoms have gone to serious quick swelling almost instantly after eating, vomiting, headaches, palpitations and tiredness all the time.

Someone mentioned to me that I might be gluten intolerant so I went on a gluten free diet the last two weeks. For the first few days I actually felt a little better, my tummy didn't well too much and I felt for the first time in a long while a little healthy and actually had some energy. I then had milk in my gluten free cereal and the pain was worse than it had been before.

My realization was then that maybe I am celiac. I started a celiac diet too. I was irritated but happy that finally I might have an answer. Comes to tonight and I have a few squares of gluten free, nut free and dairy free chocolate and my tummy is huge, straight to the bathroom again and overall sickness.

I am just fed up now. I don't think I can eat anything. Does anyone else experience anything like this? I would love to hear from you please. Thanks for reading xx.

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hi my symptoms are very similar to yours,
my results came back negative but i think im wheat intolerant . if you think you are celiac you really shouldnt be following a gluten free diet until you have had all your tests done. if you start to heal your tests can come back negative!!!!. you need to be eating wheat/gluten until your tests are over.
also many celiacs have a problem with dairy and sometimes soya. did your chocolate contain soya by any chance?
you may have some other food intolerance thats rearing its head - its just trial and error im afraid. i realised i had some intolerences just by eating a really bland diet and introducing one food a day- keep a food diary and note any symptoms you have however mild - you,ll soon notice any patterns that arise.
i,ll just say again unless you know that your tests are imminent you need to start eating wheat again - thats if you can cope with it - if you cant then i think youve got your answer that you definately do have a problem with gluten. not all people here have a definate diagnosis of celiac.
good luck and im sure other people will comment xx
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You can have your nutrient levels checked to see if you are deficient somewhere. I printed off your write up. I found it really interesting about when you have the Neurological things you rarely have the GI things. I noticed a couple things of late about my experience.

I had very little GI stuff over 30 years of symptoms. I did have bloating big time. I now react with diarrhea if I have something with cross contamination.

When I got constipated for a few days within the last month, my brain fog and fatigue was back for the duration of the constipation problems.

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Symptoms from gluten can take a while to leave your system, you could also have other food intolerances or conditions. SIBO is one associated with leaky gut, which comes from intestinal damage from celiac.

So many possibilities. The only sure way to know is to take all this to your doctor and get some testing done.
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I can definitely relate! I have had every weird symptom, sometimes all at once, sometimes different ones at different times... severe back pain for 8+ months, tummy ache/upset/constipation, ongoing joint pain, mood issues, heart palpitations, headaches, brain fog, memory issues, panic, depression and anxiety, acid reflux, loss of sex drive, on and on... I thought I was losing it, and sometimes still wonder how I started to piece it all together. I did THREE elimination diets, and blood tested for celiacs and when it came back negative I started eating gluten again thinking it must be something else, but my body said no BIG time, and as soon as I removed gluten I started to heal somewhat. 


Sometimes, though, when the body is so damaged after years of unknown damage, it can react to things that never were a problem before. I really recommend just eating as simple as you can, fruits and veg and meat if you can tolerate them. For me, I have been sensitive to onions, but am hopeful that after some healing that will go away. My "safe foods" are things like apples, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, and most veggies. I literally keep apples in my purse so I dont get into a bad spot and eat something I shouldnt. You just have to give in to prepping your own food for a while... the harder you fight it, the longer it takes to heal. I eat a giant salad every day at lunch, sounds lame but then in a week or less I started craving them. Trust me, your body wants whole real foods right now.


So I advise you to stay away from processed foods, maybe even chocolate, and just let your tummy get better. Dont worry so much about an "official diagnosis", just listen to your body. Of course, get the tests when you can, but eating super clean will help...

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I too had just been recently diagnose with celiac and since that I have been on the diet but Im still having days when I get very sick and tired to. I to have a problem with severe bloating,headaches and that foggy brain feeling. this all after being glutin free but Im affraid I dont know enough yet and fear of cross contaimination. I also have some other issues like leaky gutt,lactose and soy problems I believe too. It is very hard. You need to see a doctor

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