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Just Starting To Learn

Posted by , 10 September 2013 · 915 views

Hey Ya'll! I'm Paige and I'm new to celiac.com. I started doing research on celiac disease about one month ago. The more and more I read & learn about, the more it feels like I have found what been causing me problems for so long. It all started about when I was 15-16 when I was diagnosed with arthritis & my knees would swell up 3 times there size. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was 12.I have really terrible panic attacks. Now here recently it seems like I have alot more symptoms. I am always itchy and I scratch until I bleed and leave bruises. I have little blisters on my hands & feet that are very painful and itchy. I am always tired, no matter how much or how little I sleep. My teeth are chipping very easily. Sometimes I'm constipated badly and then the next thing I know I am running to the bathroom. When I was 15-16 I was considered to be underweight, but now I am overweight. I have unexplained nosebleeds out of no where. My lips crack in the corners. I have really bad acid reflux. I have insomnia. I get really bad headaches. I have been diagnosed with kidney stones. My periods are very irregular. I have a terrible memory, I can't remember why I walked into the other room.I have tingling in my hands. My doctor ran a standard blood test and my liver function was high. Not only that but the risk factors also run in my family that include: arthritis and type 1 diabetes. I tried to tell my doctor about all of my symptoms, but he didn't seem to interested in how I was feeling.So this is why i'm here to ask all who have celiac disease if it seems like to you (in your opinion)that I have celiac disease? :D PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!

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I think it would be best to find a doctor that will help you and be tested.  Many of those things can be signs of celiac.  It would be so good to see you delivered from that.  It would be fun to have someone start blogging and keep blogging beginning before diagnosis, so Keep it up.


Please Get better.  Test before you stop eating gluten as soon as possible.  Don't forget!


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I would def. get a Celiac test. If need be change Drs. Or just don't let him do that to you!! You pay him remember? Get that test Girl!! Don't suffer for many years like so many have. 

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based on what you wrote, I think getting tested would be a great idea!  does your rash look like dermatitis herpetiformis?  what did the doctor say about the elevated liver numbers?  check out this link http://www.curecelia...-celiac-disease


that cracking in the corners of your mouth hurts!!  I play French horn and it would make that super painful.  Since going gluten free, it is gone!!!!!!


spontaneous nose bleeds could be a vitamin K deficiency.  check out this link, specifically the bottom of the second paragraph http://umm.edu/healt...ement/vitamin-k


I would suggest going back to your doctor and asking for a celiac panel to be done.  you have a family history of autoimmune problems, so that should be a red flag to your doctor.  if you don't think he'd be willing to run the tests, find a new one who is!  check out this link for a lot of info that a doctor will find credible http://www.cureceliacdisease.org/faqs


you must be consuming gluten for blood tests and the endoscopy.  do not stop eating gluten until ALL testing is complete. 


a lot of doctors like to run ttg iga only, but you need the full panel since that one test can miss some celiacs.  the full blood panel is 

Comprehensive Celiac Panel:
DGP iga/igg
ttg iga/igg
Total iga serum-this is a control test to make sure you make enough iga to validate the other
check out page 12 in this report for testing information:
also this is a list of common vit/min that should be tested as well


Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Complete Metabolic Profile (CMP)

Vitamin B-12

Folic Acid

Vitamin A, D, E, K








C-Reactive Protein

Good info from University of Chicago Celiac Center:


hope this helps!
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