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I'm Back!:)

Entry posted by lexibrowning · - 2,051 views

Well, I guess I haven't been on since around last Fall or sometime around there. Either way, it's been a while! I just finished my Sophomore year of college with a 4.0 :rolleyes: and am finally back home for the summer! Some of you may have heard about us on the news recently actually... we had quite a lot of rain a few weeks ago that basically destroyed half the town. My house is okay though! The roads, however, are not.

Last time I was on here I was still very much struggling with avoiding all things gluten, but I am very happy to say that I have been completely clean of it for at least 6 months now! I feel absolutely amazing :D

I have also almost finished my weight loss journey! I have lost almost 30 pounds and now weigh in at a nice 145lbs. SOOO overall it has been a pretty successful few months!

Oh and my mom has decided to do this low-carb diet and so she's avoiding gluten too for the time being. It makes my life at home a LOT easier and she's starting to understand how hard it actually is. It's about time she got some perspective on my life!! :P

Well that's it! How has everyone been doing?

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hello, lexi, and congrats on your 4.0!!  i'm so happy to hear you are doing well and managing your diet :)  keep up the good work!!


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o, ps - my daughter got her bsa on saturday :)  i'm in cheerleader mode :D  GO LEXI!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!  lolz 


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Great work.  I hope all works well with your mother's diet.  Wow~ on your Grade point Average.


Doing better and better overall.




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