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  1. I second the onion issue! Read the small print warning on all pain killers. Some contain small print warning not to take them more than 10 days/month. Taking them more may cause hearing loss.
  2. IMO, You need to find several new Doctors that understand Celiac Disease. You need to be seen by a Dermatologist that knows Dermatitis Herpetiformis while you are suffering with a skin break out. Good Luck
  3. razzle, Just making skin contact causes a rash and itch for me.
  4. You could have DH. gluten-free is a strict diet that doesn't allow for an oops. If you have DH also, it may take a year or so on a strict to get total relief. Did you get your vitamin levels checked??
  5. I was diagnosed with DH in 09 and I still break out, but not nearly as bad. I follow a strict gluten-free diet, but who knows for sure about some meds or the small amounts our Government claims is safe for us. Exposure to spackle dust at work on construction sites seems to bother my skin the most. I usually get symmetrical breakouts which is a dead give away, according to my Dermatologist. Aczone cream works great for me on the hot spots.
  6. Mnoosh, Can you give us a link to the article you read about the increased risk after being diagnosed and maintaining a strict gluten-free diet?? IMO, You are over reacting to a misprint or most likely a misread article.
  7. OK, How low was your Vitamin D level??
  8. Belle, Celiac Disease isn't an allergy. Now a question for you, will an epipen work for intolerances??
  9. Sounds like the OP's Dermatologist tested her in the wrong way. squirming, Posted some great information on DH. It wasn't till I found my 4th Dermatologist over 30 years that I was diagnosed on my second visit. I suffered from an infant till the age of 56. Most of the many Doctors claimed it was just some type of food allergy. IMO, The OP needs to find a Dermatologist that knows how to do the test and treats other patients.
  10. Make sure you chose a Dermatologist that is actively treating patients with DH. I saw 4 Dermatologists in 30 years before I found one the would listen to me and knew how to test for it. The test takes 2 weeks for tissue results.
  11. Prescription eye drops, RESTASIS twice a day does wonders.
  12. I have DH and itchy skin is a symptom. Your Dermatologist could write a script for Dapsone, provided you're not allergic to Sulphur. Expect blood labs to go with using Dapsone. You need to study everything that goes in your mouth for possible gluten content, including all meds.
  13. When I was diagnosed, it cost me a bit over a $1000 just to make my kitchen gluten-free. It took another 4 years to zero in on other food issues with nuts, casein/dairy, corn and strawberries. Are you taking any generic meds? Corn starch is used in some meds and the wax coating on supermarket vegetables is also made from corn. So many foods are sweetened with fructose or corn sugar. Try eliminating corn and see how you feel.