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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Two Year Old Won't Eat!

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It is so great to find all of you! We have a great specialist who diagnosed our son when he was 19 months old. Now, he's 2 1/2. Our problem, and no one seems to have the answer, is that HE WON'T EAT. When they tested for celiac, they also found that he had 4 ulcers. He is on medication for that. Food that he liked one day, he won't touch the next day. He is currently existing on a toddler soy formula. Sometimes we add rice cereal (the infant kind) to that. Tried to change him to soy milk, tried half formula, half soy milk - he won't touch it. He will sometimes take a bite of something, e.g., bbq chicken, then cry and spit it out.

Has anyone gone through this? My husband and I are SO FRUSTRATED. Today was a victory because he ate a little bit of jello.

Even if you haven't experienced what we are going through, I am so relieved to read through your posts. It feels like I found some friends. :)


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Hi Marianne,

Welcome to the board. The people here are great. It really does feel like a bunch of friends getting together! It helps to have people who understand what you are going through.

I feel bad for your little guy, and I know you must be concerned about him, but I want to ask you a few things.

Is he growing? If he is growing alright, then the formula is probably enough for now.

Has he been tested for other food intolerances? There may be other foods that are bothering him and that may be why he spits them out. But if he spits everything out, then that is probably not it.

My children are new to the gluten-free diet having only got their tests back 2 1/2 weeks ago, and although I have plenty of gluten-free foods available for them, my daughter (she is 4 1/2) is not eating nearly as much as I think she should eat. We are all dairy intolerant right now and she really misses cheese! My middle boy (7 1/2) was complaining tonight because he was having a bad craving and it was not for anything we had in the house, but he couldn't figure out what it was. My 9 year old boy is having the easiest time of it, he is the only one not complaining, at least not since I found him some dairy free margarine. :rolleyes:

Have you tried to give your son some gluten-free finger foods? Maybe some regular gluten-free cereals for snacks or some gluten-free pretzels. Glutino makes great gluten-free pretzels.

Does he eat any fruits or veggies? Maybe some little cut up pieces of fruit. I would go easy on the acidic foods if he has ulcers. Maybe chicken without BBQ sauce?

I have a hard time imagining a child who does not eat anything at all, but I guess if he was hurting that bad he just doesn't want to hurt like that again. He may just be afraid to eat. What does the doctor say about it?

sorry for so many questions.

God bless,

Mariann (mine is spelled without the e :D )


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Hi and welcome! I'm pretty new to this myself (my daughter will be gluten-free 2 weeks tomorrow!) but I can only imagine how frustrating it is that your son won't eat. I personally wouldn't try to switch him to soy milk instead of the toddler formula. Since he isn't eating, he really needs the extra nutrients the formula provides. Maybe he just got so used to not chewing and swallowing food when it hurt so bad. This might sound weird, but would he eat baby food? Since he ate jello, I was wondering. Then maybe if he eats it you could slowly move to the stages that have more to chew and kind of ease him in to regular food again. I would definately consult your doctor if you haven't already. Adding the rice cereal wouldn't hurt either! I agree that if he is growing you should find some comfort knowing he is getting what he needs, but I understand you want him to be able to eat as well!



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Hi ladies and thanks for your responses -

My son was tested for other food allergies and he doesn't have any others. Even dairy is ok. When he was an infant, the pediatrician thought he was lactose intolerant, but looking back, I think it was the celiac.

Regarding his weight, he had lost some weight and then between Jan and Feb, he gained a pound and a half. The specialist said that 5 lbs. a year is normal for a toddler, so that was a big gain. Because of that, my husband and I have thought as you did: at least he is getting what he needs. But he can't exist on formula - he is almost 3!

The baby food is an idea - I also thought of it. He was never too fond of the stuff even when he was younger, but the fruits were ok. When we were in the grocery store recently, I asked him to pick the fruit he wanted. ( Not IF he wanted one, but WHICH one he wanted :rolleyes: ) He didn't want any. Maybe I'll keep trying with that.

The pretzel recommendation is also appreciated. I have tried putting out a little tray with some of his favorites cut up: cucumbers, fruits, etc. Before, he would nibble. But now, nothing.

The doctor called me last night (9:30) and said that if all else fails, she can try an appetite inducing medication. I hate to overmedicate, so I told her we can wait 1 or 2 more days and see if he improves. How I wish I needed an appetite inducer! :D I need a suppressant!

Thanks again for your help and support.


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Hi Everyone,

I'm glad I found this forum. I too am experiencing the same problem and am quite frustrated. My 3 1/2 year old will only eat plain pasta/noodles, yogurt, sometimes applesauce & grapes, a few select dry cereal/cookies/crackers/chips, OJ, and chocolate milk/pediasure, occasionally some McDonald's fries. He won't touch anything else and is getting tired of his normal foods and is recently eating very little. I'm at my wits end trying to give him food that's appealing to him (which is nothing).

He was diagnosed in Feb through biopsy and quickly gain 2-3 lbs being gluten-free but now I feel like he's slipping a bit. I'd appreciate any advise.

Marianne, if your son goes on the appetite inducing medication, I'd like to know how that works for you.



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It has been nice to see others with the same issues. Makes us feel like we're not alone.

I have a 3 1/2 year old boy that has been gluten-free for 5 months now. Has gained almost 5 lbs.

My son is also a "picky eater". Always has been, part personality, part physical. I know now that he didn't want to eat much before and only liked to eat a lot of a few things because of the gluten-sensitivity. Hindsight is great isn't it!

He now will only ask for the same things every day, "Pizza Chips" (which is corn tortilla chips with gluten-free pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and gluten-free Hormel pepperoni's) or "Chips 'N Cheese" which is our version of grilled cheese, basically nachos. He is also drinking Boost, which is a nutritinal supplement and that's what I think has helped him put on weight.

As long as he's growing...I don't care if he eats the same things over and over! My battle is with fruits and veggies...never has liked them...

Still too skinny for his size... 39" tall and only 33 lbs.


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Still too skinny for his size... 39" tall and only 33 lbs.

3boyzmom, I know what you mean. I worry about my daughter's weight, too. She will be 5 in just about two weeks and she is 43 inches tall, but only 35lbs. I am hoping that she grows now that she is gluten-free.

Marianne, You said that your son had food allergy testing. Was that the Rast blood test or skin test? Because those won't tell you if he has a food intolerance. Food allergies are an IgE mediated response and usually affects the skin and respiratory system, but a food intolerance is IgA (and IgG, too??) mediated and affects the intestinal tract. Most don't have a specific test, at least if they do I have not been told about them. Doctors don't seem to know how to test for them. Enterolab does offer some testing for intolerance to milk, egg, and yeast. Most people just eliminate the food for at least 2-3 weeks and then if symptoms improve while the food is eliminated and return once the food is introduced back into the diet, then it is conscidered an intolerance and the food is avoided. Since your son is not eating much, then it would be hard to tell if anything was bothering him, but if a food bothers him, then he may just instinctively avoid it. The suggestion of baby food is a good one, but I wouldn't call it "baby" food if I were you. If your son is almost three he will not want to be eating "baby" food. It might also help to make some fruit smoothies, if he is used to drinking his meals.

God bless,



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      after you get yourself squared away, these docs need reporting.  out right lying to you...
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      Hi CeliacMommaX2, 'Yes, you must treat oats like wheat in a situation where gluten free oats cause the same response. I would also not use pots or pans for your daughter, that you have cooked oats in, as there is always a chance that there are traces left in the pans after washing up.  It's better safe than sorry. 
    • In Dire Need Of Help
      Alex the good news is you have found a great site with useful information and warm support! You need to work with your doctor to get a diagnosis but there are plenty here who have had similar experiences: so it sounds like your on the right lines   Take heart that you have probably found the cause now rather than later.  Follow CyclingLady's excellent advice above and go for celiac screening asap. For tests to work you need to be eating gluten for some time. That is a scary prospect when you've finally experienced some relief but it's for a limited time period, you can get support here along the way and if you choose to you can go gluten-free at the end and get relief whatever the results.  Once you're done testing and off the gluten you will be in a much better position to nail the lifestyle. That may mean some pre-planning, maybe taking a backpack with some gluten-free snacks with you, at least until you find the places you can reliably eat at. There are apps and sites that can help and probably local support groups in NYC as well: With research you'll also get to know what fast food options are viable, what readily available candy bars are ok etc. I can eat Mcdonalds fries for instance, which can come in handy if I'm away from my kitchen or supplies. Most starbucks or equivalents will have at least a gluten-free snack bar. So although a pain in the arse, it's doable and the health payoffs MORE than make up for the hassle.  Good luck! 
    • to biopsy or not?
      I ordered the cookbook the same day you recommended it.  I am SO excited!  I actually cried looking through the book!  I honestly don't believe I am good at all in the kitchen.  I am lucky enough to have a husband who cooks everything when he's home.  The only thing I felt skilled at in the kitchen was baking.  I made all of my kids' birthday cakes for the last 8 years.  I was sad thinking that we wouldn't have anything good for a birthday cake.  I mean, I've tried gluten free cake from a box, but it was just ok.  It wasn't amazing the way a homemade cake can be.  So now I have hope.  Hope that maybe my non-celiac kids will enjoy a birthday cake still.  My daughter (the most-likely-to-be-celiac one) never really ate birthday cake to begin with.   So this summer is her birthday and we will find out if it's good!  Thank you for the recommendation!!!   Janis
    • antibiotic for my 6 year old- could it have gluten?
      It is probably fine.  Very few meds actually have gluten.   shows as gluten-free on this list
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