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Dh? What Do You Guys Think?

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 11:39 AM


IMHO since you're homeschooling then if I were you, knowing what I now know (having celiac disease) I would take the entire family gluten-free straight away. They say that people with autism do better on a gluten-free diet anyway so there's yet another reason. I guess your hubs would be the only one who could be a gluten eater & that's fine --- he can eat gluten when he's not at home --- he just has to brush his teeth very well before you guys kiss (yes, that can gluten you). With 12 ppl in the household there is no way you could manage a shared household with gluten eaters & not continually get glutened.

Ask your hubs how many nights he wants to be woken (or stay awake) with your scratching. Nah, I don't really believe your hubs will be so stubborn on the subject. Men just seem to have trouble dealing with, adapting to change & they fight it or deny it. It happens over & over & over on this board with women reporting their hubs balking but in the end product I haven't read of a 1 who still persists in being stubborn. Your hubs obviously loves his kids (as do you) & will do what's best for all of you. Just wait till about 3 or 4 months down the line when he sees what a difference it has made in you & the kids you think have gluten problems. 

Get yourself on over to the recipe/cooking forum & find some goodies to make.

BTW, if your rash persists or comes back (& it can even gluten-free cause that's what dh does) then try going low iodine & see what happens. Basically, for low iodine, no dairy of any kind, no egg yolks, no seafood, no iodized salt, no kidney, pinto, navy or lima beans. See thyca.org for low iodine diet. Of course that is not a diet for celaics so you have to cut the gluten foods out of their list.


If you have 10 kids then you are one VERY strong woman! You will be fine. And if at any time you want to stamp your feet, scream, whine, pitch a hissy fit, have a pity party --- we're here to listen & sympathize. We've all been there!


This thread will help you a ton!:

Newbie 101 for celiacs


Ya know, I may very well need to come here and pitch a hissy fit lol.  During our short gluten free trial, all I wanted was FAST FOOD of the gluteny variety ;)  I craved it terribly...I really did.  I think I may very well just forget the testing and go gluten free.  I don't know how much longer I can stand waiting and I certainly don't want to do any further damage to myself eating gluten until money starts falling from the sky for testing!  Thank you for your kind support.  I've been reading on this board for a little while now and you guys are so amazing.  There is SO MUCH information and support here.  I don't know what I would do without this board!  I plan to stick around...both to learn and to share our experience as we go forward.  Thanks so much again!

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