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Heating Pads

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I was talking to Adelaide through email a while back, comparing aches and pains. We both agreed we didn't like electric heating pads, especially at bedtime. Well, it turns out that she's been making the kind filled with buckwheat that you put in the microwave. She sent me a couple and they are WONDERFUL!


Even in this heat, or should I say especially in this heat because of the fan blowing on me, I need to keep the back of my neck warm because of my cervical ribs (a birth defect). I can lie in bed with all that nice cool air blowing on me but still apply heat to my neck now. I'm cool, my neck is warm, and even though there's no one there to see it but the cat, they are pretty. Addie knows how much I love elephants so the square one (the other is long and narrow - I can use it for my jaw) is covered with flannel that has elephants on it. 


 I had always heard about these things but until I found out my friend actually makes them I never tried one. Now I know why people love them!


So anyway, I wanted to give a public thanks to Addie, for making my stiff and sore old bones feel better!


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Addy !!!!!  I need your address and cost of them (privately, of course) and I'll send you a check..  I want two please  :D  I have heard all great reviews about them.




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I'm so glad you feel better! And we all know that happiness and smiling is good for the soul so little things like elephants that only you and your cat will see will help. That is why all of mine are giraffes! :lol: I find that with the AC I have to snuggle up with mine this summer because BRRRR!!!!! Fortunately I have plenty to binge watch on Netflix and I love to read so I have lots to keep me busy while I'm snuggled up in bed. ^_^


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    • i hope you tipped that waitress well????
    • WOW.  That looks eerily familiar.  Last December the temporary provider here at my local (rural) clinic gave me doxycycline to experiment with, but it was a mere ten milligrams.  Lol, no wonder it didn't help!  I'm glad you're feeling better.
    • I got cross contaminated some time ago & the rash came back pretty badly. I've attached a photo taken on June 11th of my back. It was also in my scalp, around my neck, on my front, shoulders, inner wrists and more.   Tonight I am not itching at all! I haven't itched all day long!!!! I can't take Dapsone because I'm allergic to sulfa drugs & Dapsone is a sulfa drug. Obviously that means I also can't take any of the other sulfa drugs that are used to treat dh after Dapsone is not an option. After those comes tetracycline. I really needed some relief! I began researching the dosage & particulars on tetracycline for dh. Extensive & exhaustive research did not pan out. The best I could find was treating Bullous phemphigoid. That said something like 500mg of tetracycline 4 times per day and about an equal amount of niacinimide. I really didn't want to take that much medication and in such strong doses. So my doctor (my PC doc) & I began experimenting. We tried Doxycycline 100mg twice a day. It seemed to be helping some but it just wasn't enough. Then we upped it to 200mg Doxycycline twice per day. It has taken about 5 days of that & I sit here not itching all day for the first time in a long, long time! This may not work for everyone. I did want to post it though as it is, at present, working for me. I am not thrilled at taking it but I have toughed this rash out before for years with no meds and I just couldn't do it again.
    • I laughed out loud at the 'little notebook' comment!😂 It has been interesting to see how much progress has actually been made over the past 10 years that there is even a notebook to be offered or a restaurant to eat in that will accommodate our 'allergy'. 10 years ago I feared that I would never eat in a restaurant again.  But the notebook comment is spot on.  Hopefully within the next 10 years restaurants will evolve enough to offer us a menu that clearly lists the delicious and extensive offerings that they have lovingly prepared just for us...and not just an ingredient list with nutritional values that take longer to read than War and Peace.   I am grateful that there are places to go that at least make the effort.  Who knows?  Eventually there may be restaurants which will have to offer menus with GLUTEN options available!
    • Thanks for posting this Adrien, it's a great list and I and others will appreciate the effort and the thought behind it. I loved my time in Malaysia and I'm glad I sampled all the food I could whilst I was still on an unrestricted diet. The good thing is that, like you say, some of the nice Malay foods are still ok. As a backpacker I survived on a lot of nasi goreng and laksa, nice to think if I return there I could still do the same Terima kasih!
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