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Cd Blood Testing For My Baby

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We think that my 21 month old son has celiac disease and I'm confused as to what blood tests to ask to be run. He did have his immune system tested last May (for other reasons) and there were abnormalities there. His IgA was 46 (normal range 87-474) as was his IgG which was 434 (normal range 681-1648). I live in an area that is notoriously difficult for diagnosis for anything outside mainstream. My son has not grown since October, in either weight or length and I'm so tired of him being sick all the time! I'm almost hoping that he does have celiac disease because at least it's fixable! The other options are too scary to think about.

Can you please tell me what the Immune tests would show with a positive celiac disease?




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His IgA was 46 (normal range 87-474) as was his IgG which was 434 (normal range 681-1648)

I was just wondering if this is his total serum IgA? If it is, then he is very low and the regular blood tests for Celiac would not be accurate. If you can not get a doctor in your area to find the right tests to do on your son, you may want to conscider Enterolab . They offer a stool test and a gene test for Celiac Disease that can be done at home, and sent back to them through the mail. It is not easy to get a diagnosis, but if you can find a doctor who knows what he is doing...

Your best bet would be to try and get him a referral to a children's hospital. Do you have one in your area? I have to travel about 1 1/2 hours (one way) to get to my children's doctor, but it is worth it, and I know of some people who travel out of state to get to a doctor who knows about celiac disease.

It is very important to get him seen as soon as possible, since he is so sick and he is not growing properly. Take a copy of those Immune systen tests with you where ever you end up going. And if you can get the tests done through Prometheus labs, they are the best for testing for celiac disease, and they include the total serum IgA in their Celiac Panel to check for deficiency and if the blood test comes back negative, they automatically run a gene test on the blood to see if the person carries any of the genes responsible for celiac disease.

God bless,



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    • My endoscopy showed i had decreased folds in my duodenum. The biopsy came back and showed that my villi were fine... i have been on a gluten free diet for 6 years because i was just told i was intolerant but never had any testing before. when i eat gluten i get sick for 2 weeks. i came down with issues of other foods in march so they were trying to figure out why and wanted to know if i had celiac are not because that would explain why dairy and fructose are a problem.. both intolerant test for both were negative but the fructose test made me extremely sick but it was negative...      Im trying to figure out why i have decreased  folds in the first place. my Gi doctor is stumped on that to why the endoscopy would show damage but the under the microscope are fine. She is going to call the dr who did my scope and then is supposed to get back to  me..    would being gluten free for 6 year make it so there was damage and then my vili are now fine but still cant be seen in the endoscope?
    • Spicely Organics has both cassia and true (Ceylon) Cinnamon and are certifed gluten free along with the rest of their spices, as to tea Republic of Tea has most of their products tested and certified gluten-free also. You can visit their sites or try Amazon.
    • Thanks for replying. I have been a vegetarian for 31 years, I guess my diet now means I am a vegan but not by choice. Blood tests have picked up a lack of protein and I have seen a dietician who said she couldn't help me and referred me to a specialist who deals with IBS, which I don't understand as I don't have that.   I don't know my blood glucose levels but I think I will find out. I know Hashimoto's and type 1 diabetes is common in Celiac's, I asked my doctor for a thyroid antibodies test but he refused but I'll ask for the type 1 diabetes antibodies test. Thanks again.
    • Hi thanks for this. The kidney function test I a few weeks ago came back normal but there was a question mark over ketones, they said it was all okay, then last week the doctor rang me as there was ketones in a urine sample and I have to repeat the test next week. I'm a bit confused if they weren't worried about the blood test.   I feel for your brother, that sounds awful what he's been through. I have started to get some pain in the leg that is permanently numb, I really hope I find some answers soon. Thanks again.
    • I haven't seen my gastroenterologist for a few years.  I was diagnosed celiac and have been gluten free for more than 5 years.  I've been having trouble again for the past 6 months or so.  I've done a full elimination diet and have come up with the culprit - eggs!   I did a search of the forum here and have found it's not uncommon for people with celiac to develop a sensitivity to eggs.     I can forego eating eating eggs but It's getting to be flu season.  I was planning on getting my flu shot today, as usual, at work.  The pre-shot questionnaire asks if I have an allergy to eggs.  As, I have never been tested, I don't know if this is really an "allergy".   I asked the nurse about it.  She said that if I do have an allergy to eggs,  it could be dangerous to get the vaccine.   So, I didn't ended up not getting the vaccine.  Anyone else in this boat.   Has anyone actually been tested for egg allergy?   Any advice as it pertains to the flu vaccine?  
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