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How Can I Be More Supportive Of My Husband?

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He has been gluten-free since January 1 and except for two mishaps during the first week (my fault with ingredients) he hasn't ingested any gluten. He's mainly sticking to meat, veggies, fruit, and rice. I've experimented with the different flours and have had some success in the kitchen, along with a few flops :rolleyes: . Our two sons have also gone gluten-free and their systems seem to be healing more quickly then my husband's has. He's had his symptoms for at least 10 years, it's been a long process with many different physicians and tests. They still would not give him a conclusive diagnosis. The GI said he didn't think it was celiac, our primary dr. said he didn't know enough about celiac to confirm or dismiss it. His blood panel came back positive, his iron levels are elevated (negative hemochromatosis), his thyroid levels were bottom low for one test and normal a month later, elevated liver enzymes (does not drink at all), fatigued all the time, nausea constantly, life long skin rashes on upper arms and thighs, mouth soars, gum issues (has a Rx to help with that)....anyways many other symptoms that lean towards being gluten intolerant. Our sons are both in the 5% for their ages, the oldest has always had stomach problems (runs to the bathroom as soon as he eats), and the second son's symptoms are much like his dad's...down to the exact skin rash in the same area. We researched celiac for several months before making the gluten-free decision and did not have the boys tested. Anyways, after sharing that history I'll get to my main reason for this post. My husband felt great during weeks 2-3, better then he's been in years. Now, since Sunday he has been miserable, extremely irritable, mood swings, sleeping for several hours (10-12/day). The rash has disappeared on his right arm and his legs, it's still slightly faded on his left arm. This is the first time that his arm and legs have been smooth since he can remember. He has not ingested gluten since early on in week 1. We are staying gluten-free, going off is not an option. The boys are gaining weight and are the oldest one's stomach issues have vanished.

I am assuming and have been told that his body is still detoxing and this is normal. What extra things can I do to help him along and about how long would you think this is going to last? I wish that I could get him to join in here and read for himself your stories. I do tell him and read him things when they are relevant to his experiences. It encourages him and gives him the needed justification he has searched for, but it's not the same as being involved and sort of getting to know the group...if that makes any sense to you all.

Well, I'm starting to do my rambling bit and it's late so I'd better hop off of here and get some rest.

Thanks for listening and any extra tips you could share will be received warmly

:) Blessings!


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;) your hubby and sons are very lucky--they have a wonderful woman taking care of them--you are doing great----now, are you sure your hubby isnt getting gluten somehow--it does sound like a reaction or also could be another intolerance that has popped up--that happens to us celiacs too--maybe soy, corn, dairy, eggs--something like that----could be an after shave he is using, a shampoo, soap, lotion---these have to be checked too, anything that can possibly get anywhere near our eyes or mouth---vitamins, any medication--medicines do not follow the same guidelines as foods do--they dont have to list ingreds in the same way----hope i have helped in someway-----you are all doing great for just 1 month-----it may just be toxins still leaving his system too, just as you thought---deb

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I hate to say but from what I've read I think the time it takes to feel better is different for everyone. All our systems are somewhat different, tolerate different things and were damaged to various degrees.

I've had a similar history as your husband, problems for about 10 years, unexplained rashes, no clear diagnoses. I've switched primary care doctors but my old one told me I did have have celiac and to begin eating gluten again (I had gone off it for about 3 weeks at that point and told him how much better I was feeling). I did end up paying for EntroLab genetic testing which came back that I carry to 2 main genes for celiac, so chances are pretty good I have gluten problems. But one doesn't need to do that or spend the money in my opinion... with the symptoms your family has, going gluten-free is the best way so find out.

That being said, I've been gluten-free since about Sept. 2004 and I feel 90% better then I have in years, however I still do have some symptoms and I'm beginning to think that I have developed other food issues too. It seems like when I eat soy I get some problems. So I have just taken the stance that its going to take a long while for me to figure it all out and that it will be an adventure. (my cup is usually half full)

Every time I go back to the basics, chicken, veggies and fruit, virtually all my symptoms go away, so I keep going back to that diet and then trying to add things, if they bother me, I try and avoid them. I know I'll figure it out, eventually.

Also I've been told that we have to expect that if we had symptoms for say.... 10 years, its going to take a while to get it all out of our system. Again from reading posts here, some feel great in a matter of a couple of months, some have taken a year... but for me the 90% better I feel is a godsend. I'm able to live my life so much more normally now.

So all I can say is be very aware as to what other foods seem to bother your family and see if they get better when you eliminate them. It takes time and can be frustrating but you are on the way to better health.

Best, Susan


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Thank you for the suggestions B) ! Whatever the culprit was it has disappeared for now. He was feeling a bit better yesterday and much better today. I think it may have been some Jell-O Pudding that was on a safe list I found...but has modified food starch listed as an ingredient. Isn't that something that's questionable? I didn't realize that he had been eating it when I posted the original message.


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The rules we follow here in Canada is, if it just says 'modified food starch' we assume it's wheat and don't eat it. The product must specify which modified starch it is, such as corn or soy before we use it. Of course I'm sure there are some products that don't specify that may be safe and we are missing out. But I'd rather miss out than be ill. ;)


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    • Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles
      I have been gluten free now since February and I recently purchased a box of Marshmallows Fruity Pebbles and looked at the ingredients (which none indicated gluten content), but am just wondering if anyone has had a problem with them. 
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      Update: I am about at my wit's end. I won't be able to see my new doctor until July 17 to get a referral to a GI doctor, so I continue to eat gluten and the effects continue to worsen. Today my boss, whom I have been working with for 12 years, and I had a meeting where he said he's noticed a change in many things, such as speech, not articulating well, forgetfulness, and other things that are affecting my work product. I finally told him I know there is something wrong with me medically and I've been trying to get to the doctor to no avail. I recall those four weeks early in the year when I tried out gluten free and was beginning to feel much better- more present, more sharp, and then went back on gluten in preparation for the blood test.  I just don't think I can do this gluten thing any longer and am thinking of going cold-turkey gluten free.  I'm 54 years old, am beginning not to care about a diagnosis because I just want to feel better and be able to do what I need to do. Because of how I felt going off of gluten earlier in the year, and eating gluten free when I was on the McDougall plan years ago, and how I feel while doing this gluten challenge, I am pretty convinced that my issue is gluten.  Any words of encouragement would be welcome.  If you've done gluten free and never looked back, tell me about it. 
    • Gardasil
      "I got this vaccination in 2009 when I was 20 and it completely altered my life. Made my celiac disease so much worse, sleep 15-18 hours a day, SIBO, it has completely altered my life since getting this vaccination. My doctor has two twin girls about my age and they both have digestion problems after receiving gardasil Thank you I have a young daughter and have wondered this exact question posed by the poster and your response has given me great pause about this issue which may come up in years to come. I am sorry to hear this wreak havoc on your life, but simultaneously thank you for sharing this detail to help those of us that have likely been decades misdiagnosed celiacs now raising children. Thank you.
    • Gluten does WHAT to the brain?
      "Wondering what kind of life my brother could have had - if  he had celiac - constantly haunts me" My sympathies that is just tragic, as this story is.  I hope you are at peace knowing you are aware of your celiac and help so many lost, scared, and confused celiacs here. It can never bring back your brother but I hope it can give soften some of what you feel that was/is beyond your control. His suffering and your loss has made you a better advocate to yourself and in your work helping us. I don't like my body or my  brain on gluten either. I do fear that people overlook the toll inflammation takes on the brain. It likely may explain decades of mental illness that was brain based inflammation unknown until changes in technology advancement catch up. However consuming gluten to study how one enters psychosis may not be the best method. Do no harm.  
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