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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Hip/low Back Pain

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If you had it before going gluten-free, I would assume that you are somehow being glutened. Perhaps go through your old brands to check if anything has changed, or consider if you are exposing yourself to cc through new people or places that do not keep wheat grains away from gluten-free food, utensils or other equipment.

I hope your joints are feeling better soon.

OT, this is an interesting old thread you found, and it seems very relevant to me. I have lots of aches that fit in around this topic starting with snapped knee ligaments, worn out cartilage, sore back with sciatic pain and seized muscles, then a burst disc with leg paralysis, and now I have IB pain, and a weak aches shoulder.... I hope some of it goes away, I am only four weeks into the diet.


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Explain this one to me. I have been gluten free for a year, and all of the sudden I have this horrible joint pain, hips, knees, shoulders but I had these before I went gluten free and I have eaten anything with gluten in it lately so I don't know why it would be like this.. I am seriously considering going to a bone specialist but a coworker recently said that it might be something in my stomach causing this reaction, could I possibly be having other allergies?

I used to associate the lower back ache just to the coeliac but I have been gluten free two years and still get that same awful aching etc when I have had dairy of any kind.

I went dairy free too and keep trying to reintroduce in the hope that I am healed and it was temporary but never feel well after the dairy.

My symptoms for dairy dont really fit the ones that are standard so its confusing.

I think its something in the proteins in dairy.


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