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Hello there my name is Jolene. Sorry about the last post by the way i really didn't mean to so that.

Here is the thing my Gp sent me to a gasterintestinal (sp) surgeon to have me looked at. I told him a bunch of my symtoms which consist of Abdominal pain. bloating,gas, heartburn, constipation lower back pain, exzema and fatique. He asked me right off the bat if celiac disease runs in my family. One month later he had me in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. When i awoke from the sedation the nurse had told me the doc figures its celiac disease and she gave me a panphelt to read up on the diease becuase i've never heard of it before. Here is the thing do the docs tell you things if they are not certain? He also took 3 or 4 biopsys.that was last wednesday.

On friday night i was taken to the hospital due to extreme abdominal pain. It was to the point that it hurt to walk stand sit and lay down. When i arrived at the hospital the doc there thought it was heartburn for they gave me a bunch of meds for that i kept telling her it wasn't heartburn. They finally gave me some demerol and pain subsided a little bit. I came home and slept then inlaws showed up to help me because i had only gotten 3 hours sleep and i have little kids at home. Later saturday night My hubby took me in the hospital again because the pain was still there. The doc had asked me if i had ate anything i told him yes, i ate a fair amoumt of gluten on friday and thats when the pain started. I also informed him the the surgeon thinks i have celiac disease. He did a x-ray of my belly gave me a shot of demerol and sent some home with me.

The pain has since eased off and i also haven't had any gluten in about 4 days now.

Do you figure there is a good chance i had celiac disease? Should i continue with gluten until i see the surgeon or stop it? I'm very confussed about this whole because it seemed like a big bomb was droped on me. I'm sure all of you know how it feels though

Anyhow any insight would be apperciated.

Thanks Jolene


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I'm assuming a couple of things: first, you haven't gotten your biopsy results yet, and second, that they tested you for other possible problems, like pancreatitis, appendicitis, etc...all the common things that would put you in that much pain. Make sure it's nothing serious before you proceed with any advice from us!!!

GI doctors can sometimes see signs of Celiac with the naked eye, but other than that, you have to wait for the biopsy results to find out. However, since you have had a biopsy already when you were eating gluten, you are all clear to start gluten-free IF YOU WISH. After all, you can be gluten-free whether you have celiac disease or not; if it makes you feel better, go for it!!! Also, some people don't have Celiac but they are intolerant to gluten. I personally think this is my case, my dr. thinks I do NOT have celiac disease but I am gluten free and happier for it!!

Most doctors will NOT tell you you have celiac disease unless they are sure. All of my doctors refrain from even speculating until they have some test results to look at...did he ever take your blood? He should have done that as well. If he didn't, don't go gluten-free until he draws your blood.....there are Celiac blood panels that can tell the other half of the

If you had blood work and endoscopy already you can be gluten-free...if you didn't have blood work, don't go gluten-free yet...insist upon a blood test...then you can go gluten-free after that test.

I hope you are feeling better and make sure to rule out other conditions that would put you in pain like that as well.

Take care,



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Did you have blood tests done? And throughout the testing you had done you were on gluten correct? Otherwise it can make results false. A biopsy in itself is good for a diagnosis if there is damage but the problem is you may not have any damage or you may have sporadic damage so it may miss a diagnosis.

Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA

Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG

Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA

Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA

Total Serum IgA

That is the full celiac panel. The most important test is the tTG(this will be taking the place of biopsies in the near future) The EMA and total serum IgA are also good tests

The IgG and IgA are unreliable alone and should not be done alone because that would not be enough to rule celiac in or out.

It also is a possibility that you may just be gluten intolerant and not have celiac yet. If you have a gluten intolerance and continue to eat gluten you may develop celiac though.

There are many symptoms that can come with celiac and there are many complications that can arise from undiagnosed celiac so make sure they also check for any other problems as well.

Good luck


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I would like to thank you all for posting. The docs have ruled everthing thing else out., as for the health problems that is. They haven't done the blood work that i am aware of. Maybe i'll ask my gp to run them, i see her tomorrow.I guess the surgeon figures it looked like celiac disease thats why he went ahead and did the biopyes.I guess he seem some damage on my small intestine. I won't know the defenat diagnosis for another couple weeks. Thanks once again for your quick replies.



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Did they check your gall bladder?


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My gallbladder was removed almost 3 years ago now. I wasn't even aware that i needed it removed until i was in emergency surgery.


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There are abnormalities due to celiac disease that clued-in docs can actually see down the endoscope- scalloped folds in the duodenum, loss of folds, "mosaic" or cobblestone pattern. If they are obvious enough, the doc can diagnose celiac disease then and there, though will still take biopsies for confirmation.

Some nice photos at:


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    • You're welcome! Yes, I too, hate waiting for lab results. Ugh!
    • I understand this is not a doctor's office and that I need proper testing done to rule out Celiac disease, however, I am stuck waiting until November to even see a GI doctor. So I need some suggestions soon on which test to go for first and what to do as I wait. Also do note, I am 28 years old.

      Right now, the most suspecting culprits to my symptoms have been Gallbadder, Celiac disease, and IBS. I have also been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes and I am obese.  My Ultrasound and CT scan have all come up as normal and no signs of gallstones. However, I was in extreme pain as my upper abdomen was examined during the ultra sound. My white blood cell count also seems to be high at 12,000 but all blood work came back normal for liver and everything else.

      Symptoms included are: diarrhea
      yellow-stools (Sometimes foul smelling but always sink)
      light gnawing pain in area a few inches above belly button
      burning in chest
      sometimes pain below upper right rib cage.
      Tenderness all around the upper abdomen, but more so on the right and center.
      burping frequently after meals
      bloating in abdomen The pains used to come and go for the past few years as something very mild, but then the yellow stools happen at least four months ago and at a constant rate. Everyday it is either yellow or orange.  Sometimes the stools are lose and other times they are not. Two months in, I was finally diagnosed with pre-diabetes and have been having a strict low calorie and non fatty diet.

      So far the upper right pain has subsided but the pain above my belly button would continue. The gassy and bloated feeling would come and go as well. I get severe heart burn after almost every meal. But I felt it especially after eating whole wheat sandwiches or whole wheat pasta. I however don't feel it when I eat a Nature Valley granola bar, or pack of peanut butter crackers. I also had a chicken and vegetable stir fry with soy sauce cooked in that also had little effect on me. A bowl of cereal also made the heart burn act up pretty bad. I sometimes feel numb or light headed after various meals. Especially larger ones. In fact, it seems the more I eat, the worse I feel. But the less in the stomach, the more the pain above my belly button starts to act up.

      It is usually in the morning and afternoon I feel the most with gas and bloating. Especially after any large meals from the previous day. Despite the diet and work outs I have had, nothing has changed the stools. However, taking fish oil pills has greatly reduced the pain in my upper abdomen as well as the pain  in the the area above my belly button. My question now is, is there a very likely chance of this being celiac disease? Should I go on a gluten free diet to test since I Have to wait so long? Also, which test should I ask the doctor for first, as it will take a GREAT deal of time to pay off each one. Colonoscopy, HIDA scan, or endoscopy. 

      Again, I understand this isn't a site to get compete medical advice or to know exactly what my illness is, but I am trying to narrow down the possibility or what is most likely. If this has a chance of being celiac disease, I would rather know sooner than later.
    • Thank you very much for all the info Squirmingitch. The doctor told me as we were talking he was going to order some tests with urine so I don't know why he didn't mark that. Maybe he forgot as we were talking? Duly noted about the bladder Cancer to watch out for too. Doctor said it will take about a week to get the lab results back usually from this lab. The wait will seem like forever I'm sure. Yes I will press to have the other tests done too if this one comes back negative.
    • Was your hubs tested for total IgA to see if he's IgA deficient? Read this thread:
    • Yes, bone density problems are all part of the celiac "umbrella" so to speak and yes, osteoporosis tends to happen more rapidly and at earlier ages than normal when malabsorption is happening. At age 43, it's not normal to have osteoporosis as you describe so that's another part of the jigsaw puzzle. Time to receive blood test results back from the doc are entirely dependent on the particular lab they were sent to. Yep, it's time for you to start keeping a very close check on the PSA in light of your father having had prostrate cancer. I would think you should get a PSA every year. I really would have liked to see him do a urinalysis. With the prostrate cancer your father had, it would seem a close watch should be kept on you for bladder cancer as well. The first symptom of that is blood in the urine but it's generally microscopic before you're ever able to actually see it. That happens to be the 8th most common cancer in men & it's moving up in the rankings. I know this because my hubs had it. The good news is that it's also one of the easiest and most successfully treated provided it's caught early. Certainly starting @ age 50, men should see a urologist every year. BTW, in the last year before I found out I was celiac, I turned up with microscopic blood in my urine. I got it checked out thoroughly since I know about bladder cancer & all tests, ultrasounds, cystoscopy, CT scan etc... turned out fine. The docs were stumped & finally said, "apparently that's just what your body does". Guess what? That's not "just" what MY body does. Once I went gluten-free, I have had no more microscopic blood in my urine. Interesting eh? Before now I didn't realize you are in Canada. The doc didn't do the full celiac panel but I understand the initial screening protocols in Canada only order the TTG but if that comes back negative be sure & press for the full panel as cyclinglady said. We have several here who tested like cyclinglady so it's not a rare thing, it's just not the norm. I'm glad he's doing the B-12 & Ferritin -- those can be big clues.
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