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Help! I Have Considered Getting Tested.

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Hello. I'm a 19 year-old college student with some background and a few questions.

Beginning around age 11 or 12, I began to experience severe gas cramps 2 or 3 nights per week. This persisted until about a year ago, when I was first advised by a no-nonsense old doctor to try removing wheat products from my diet. He told me from a blood test that my IgA was a bit high, but everything else was okay. I stopped eating wheat bagels in the mornings and switched from bread to corn tortillas, and now cramping is VERY rare :)

I'm afraid that my problem might go beyond intolerance, though. I avoid gluten products for the most part, but still snack on graham crackers and even enjoy certain breads and hot-pocket type items a few times per week without much issue. But my mental health in the past few years has spiraled all over the place. I am severely obsessive-compulsive and locked into a daily routine that I never needed as a young child. My days are dictated by racing thoughts and rituals that have taken the pleasure out of traveling or eating out, so much that I avoid a number of social activities. I think that there might be a biological reason that this is happening, because I grew up in and continue to live in the best of circumstances, with a steady, successful academic life and a wonderful family. But enough of the story; is it possible that an adverse reaction to something like gluten could harm my...brain? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I was also interested in getting tested for celiac disease because of a few other typical symptoms I have experienced, including mouth sores as a child and a prominent, permanent yellow spot on my bottom front tooth that has baffled dentists over the years :rolleyes: . Finally, my menstrual cycle is irregular and did not start until after age 15. Any thoughts?

One more thing: For fun, I was genotyped by 23andme a few months ago (I am a NERD for that stuff :lol: ). I do have a marker for an increased risk of celiac disease (HLA-DQ1, I think), but from what I've read it's certainly not an absolute and merely increases risk from 0.2 to 0.6 percent.


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You will undoubtedly receive quite a few responses on this topic--many people have posted here complaining of neurological problems associated with celiac. It was only recently that neurological issues such as bipolar, seizures, migraines, ADHD, schizophrenia, depression, memory glitches, etc., were discovered to be linked to celiac. Apparently, some/many of us suffer from decreased bloodflow to the frontal lobes and even have plaques/lesions throughout our brains. At a celiac conference I attended in Minnesota last year, the speakers emphasized that while celiac has long been accepted as a gastrointestinal disease, it is, in fact, a neurological disease. Did you know that the gut has more neurons than the brain? Did you know that 90% of our serotonin is produced in our guts and only 10% in our brains? No wonder we have neurological problems!

You're on the right track, and if you decide to go entirely gluten free, you might find your answer as to whether or not gluten is causing your issues.


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My main symptoms of celiac are neurological - jitteriness, tingling in my legs, anxiety, irritability, and brain fog. If I get gluten in my system, I can't remember things, have trouble doing math (which I'm good at), and can't remember words I want to use when talking. So yes, your brain can be effected.


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I am not diagnosed celiac but I do suffer all the typical symptoms when I consume gluten. A gluten intolerance can be just as severe as celiac.

Affecting your brain...TOTALLY! I get headaches/migraines, brain fog where I live in a haze and can't process things correctly--so bad my sentences get messed up.

As far as the mouth sores go I noticed that I went from having either a kaner sore or a cold sore three out of four weeks of a moth to not having one since about a month after I went gluten free. I don't think this is any coincidence! So your mouth sores could be part of it.

The menstrual cycle is definitely a possibility. I know mine was whacked out and my doctor actually did an endoscopy where she stuck 2 cameras inside of me and looked around for signs of endomitriosis because there was no other medical reason for my cycle to be so screwed up. However, nothing appeared to be wrong and I was a mystery to my OBGYN.

The only way to know for sure is to just cut it from your diet completely with no graham crackers or hot pockets :) It's hard at first, but when you feel so much better things are okay and your body starts to recover there was nothing worth eating to go back to that feeling. Just be sure that you get your tests done before you start going completely gluten-free. You need gluten in your system for awhile for the test to be run accurately.


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    • Any place you know of to find more info? Seems like I am still in so much pain/bloat, I am not even sure if I would pick the right 5 foods!
    • Don't freak out worrying about other maladies yet. You would be absolutely amazed at the things that can/will resolve on the gluten free diet. Some take longer than others -- neurological seem to take the longest for most people but really, I guarantee, there will be things you had no idea or expectation of resolving will. There were tons for me and then there were things I sort of "woke up one day" & said, "hey, that's gone and that & that & that". Other, larger things had taken my attention so I hadn't paid attention to the smaller things until...... On the other hand, not everything is related to celiac but I bet you wouldn't find a handful of celiacs who didn't say something very similar to what I said above. Yes, thyroid problems are common with celiac but I'll also tell you there are/have been people on here who were hypothyroid before dx but after being gluten-free for a while they actually went back to normal thyroid numbers. My husband is one (yes, we both are celiac - it happens). He was on synthroid for 20 years or more. Guess what? He's not on it anymore. We've had his thyroid panel done several times since about a year gluten-free & he is no longer hypothyroid. 
    • Yes please, that'd be awesome Having a fun time trying to reply on my phone due to broken screen but will be back on tomorrow after results of doctor appointment to get to the bottom of why they've given me seemingly wrong advice re: next steps. Yup I'll admit to pity, anger, frustration and outright fear, been through the mill of emotions in this first week that's for sure. One thing before I go for that; back when I was self-diagnosing I wanted a full thyroid panel (T3, T4 etc.) and also ESR & CRP checks for vasculitis and similar maladies. Now it seems from my reading they can often follow celiac so my worry level of those has gone up a notch, more blood tests ahoy it seems? Main reason for worrying about those is the nearly constant tight / tender head I have at the moment. Top and sides of scalp. Could be the stress tensing the shoulders and occipital muscles at back of head but after the celiac diagnosis being missed I'm fearful of anything else being missed. Did anyone else have this tight head feeling at the start? Feels like the skin is being pulled inwards, sometimes goes down for a few minutes here and there and gets worse when sitting I think. I see the term "brain fog" a lot but luckily don't seem to have too much of that at present, this is more a physical sensation.
    • I don't have a lot of faith in the allergy testing naturalpaths do. I had them done, but really it wasn't very helpful. Foods that were okay on the blood work- I was still having obvious reactions to. Skin testing through an allergist didn't show up food allergies either. I agree the food elimination diet is a better way to go and doesn't cost a bunch of money. I did a whole 30 diet a while back that could have been helpful if the foods I reacted to were corn, dairy,  soy, grains and sugar- but I react to more than that.  I do need to do a major elimination diet- just haven't gotten up the willpower yet.   
    • Quick search gave too many responses to TGI Fridays but none to TGI Fridays Buns (or similar) so... I was talking with my sister-in-law (Gluten Intolerant) and she spoke highly of a pre-packaged bun from Fridays. I was hesitant but she gave me one (apparently you can buy them from the restaurant?) and I tried it. Since I'm slow to react I won't know about gluten for a bit but I can definitely say it is the closest to "real" I've had in years! Spongy, doesn't crumble while eating a sandwich and tastes good. Color me impressed! I tried to determine the manufacturer or if Fridays actually makes them but I can't locate anything worth pursuing. Anyone have information on this? Thanks in advance.
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