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Gi Today - Told Me Ds Has "toddler's Diarrhea"

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Took DS to GI today.

Symptoms: frequent (3-6/day) diapers, never solid always mushy if not watery, undigested food in diaper, very foul smell, back to back mushy full diapers, always hungry, dark circles, belly off/on distended, stool sample showed undigested sugars

Of note: DD has celiac, pretty sure I do too, DS is of normal weight/height

Also of note: When DS was unintentionally off of gluten for 2 days a few weeks ago, he had a somewhat formed poop at the end of the second day.

GI told me he has Toddler's Diarrhea, fructose malabsorption. I'm to eliminate all fruit and fruit juice for 1-2 weeks to see if it makes a difference. If there's no change in his diapers, then he'll do a scope. I was told that toddlers' intestines cannot handle much fruit but by the time they're four years old they can.

I understand how too much fruit could give anyone diarrhea and I also understand that some people have problems with fructose. DS eats a varied diet and fruit has been a part of it, but not a disproportionate part of it. :blink:

Has anybody else been given this diagnosis for their child recently? What do you think? It doesn't hurt to eliminate fruit for a bit to see what happens, but I wasn't expecting this today.


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Lately, no. I haven't heard any ridiculous explanations for baby D from Peds. But I got my share when DS was a newborn.

I vividly remember hearing thatilk protein didn't cause cramping and C. Funny, D went away when I stopped eating casein (breastmilk) and subbed with Nutirimiagen (or whatever that awful super processed formula was).

Try it for a few weeks to humor him/her and get the endoscopy (I'm assuming s/he meant endoscopy to look for Celiac. I would normally reco changing docs but if you're 2 weeks away from getting a scope I'd just stick with it and get it. Will s/he order bloodwork? I know the chance is slim it would be + but its worth a try?


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I keep hearing this toddler's diarrhea diagnosis, almost as frequently as IBS, and it sounds like a very similar way to dismiss symptoms in toddlers that they don't know the cause of. :o I agree with pricklypear to hang in their and try and get the endoscopy (make sure he takes at least 6 samplels), but I would also try and get the blood testing for celiac too. And not just the tTG but the DGP which is more definitively celiac and is a better test for children. Ask for the DGP IgA and IgG and a total serum IgA.


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At least THIS ped gave an explantion of what "Toddler's Diarrhea"is!


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    • So my heart has been doing weird stuff post gluten challenge. Skips beats, arrhythmias, chest pain. It was getting a bit better then worse again in July.   My cardiologist has done 2 stress tests, halter monitor, and we have not caught anything other then harmless pvc's. But I KNOW this is not right for my heart and it has gone wacky out of sync and we never catch it on a damn test. All of my doctor's were connected out of a larger practice, so the GI, cardio, neuro, and primary care can all see the mountains of tests I had and think I am a nutcase the moment I walk through the door. I will admit that I informed the old GI about the DGP test being positive and I sent over some info on the test as they were basically using TTG and old gliadin tests, and they were receptive. But for the most part, I do not trust doctors. I was once told I was in false labor when I actually had 13 gallstones and an infection in my bile duct. I have more horror stories, as we all do. So, my protein and RBC were low in the hospital but all up to good levels now so it is not a vitamin deficiency. My heart has already skipped multiple beats today. The other day, it again went out of rhythm for just 20 seconds or so. I am not drinking coffee or alcohol because of the acidity, so it is not that. I was glutened on August 24th and probably once in July. Does anyone have weird heart issues that vanish eventually? If so, how long does it take? I am an over-thinker, which has its pros and cons. I know we are at an increased risk for CAD which is not really my concern right now. My gut is inflamed, my thyroid is inflamed and my adrenal gland was effected by all of this. I sort of wonder if an exposure to gluten causes some kind of myocarditis, an inflammation that would not be picked up a sonogram per se, and may eventually vanish with a gluten free diet. Has anyone ever had experience with myocarditis? I did a lot of reading on Roemheld syndrome, gastro-cardio syndrome, which is basically a set of cardio symptoms resulting from your gut. Praying it is just that! I just feel like now that I have a diagnosis, I need to rebuild a team of doctors that I feel have my back. This is a sucky disease that can have a lot of ill effects and I need a team I feel is intelligent, supportive and willing to research. I already have a new GI and a great Endocrinologist. I am seriously contemplating a new cardio and neuro as they both talk to me like I am a 12 year-old with "hysterical girl syndrome".
    • I was not officially diagnosed with narcolepsy when I was younger and still haven't.  However, even in my junior high and high school years and on through my college years staying awake was always a struggle for me.  maybe the gluten was a factor back in junior high and just didn't realize it.    There were times in church and other times I would just BAM fall asleep without warning.  Frustrating and somewhat embarrassing to say the least.  Now that I have been off gluten for close to a year now, the "feeling" of needing to sleep is becoming less and less.  Still have periods of sudden sleepiness, but not as often any more.
    • when they first came out, I read the ingredients on them, and they don't seem to contain malt.  But the company, at that time specifically posted on the website that they  are not gluten-free.  So I don't drink them.
    • Rum is naturally gluten free, but in cases where it is flavored, spiced, etc. you have to be careful where they might add a malt in the natural flavorings. I been using Admiral Nelsons coconut rums in cooking for finishing off stir frys, and adding a bit of flavor to caramelized ingredients for a few years now, I have never had issues with those. As for the Morgan, I would be careful with the spiced version as they might use a malt based ingredient in it. I did a bit of research and like you found no conclusive evidence to if it contains gluten or not. The plain rum from them is listed on many and been tested by several groups and has come up gluten free. On a side note if your a celiac or have intestinal damage I would avoid alcohol or drink in moderation. I personally only use it in cooking.
    • Hi, It seems they advertise it as a malt beverage.  Malt is made from barley normally, so it would not be gluten-free.  Unless they specify the malt is corn malt, it is always assumed to be barley malt per FDA labeling regs.  
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