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so sorry it has been a while since i have been here

i have been feeling fantastic these past few weeks

i have never looked so good either

i have droped 67 lbs and im now at my body weight for my hight 135

now i went through hell to get here

but it all changed

when i cut out all grains and cereal family foods along

basically i eat grain free lactose free nightshade free soy free

for morning i drink one glass of green smoothie and take one with me

2 big leaves kale 2 leaves romaine lettuce chia seeds about 2 pinches

pear and apple sauce and blend

yesterday i put mango in place of the pear

then i take something for lunch today it was qunioa flour almond flour herbmare chives onion flakes mixed that with chunked up boneless chicken breasts and baked and then made sweet potato fryes oh yummm hubby loved them

the other day i did a grain free pancake recpie useing almond flour eggs soda coconut sugar in a muffin tin just pour enough to coat the bottom then drop in supposed to be sauage did not have any so i put cooked chicken and baccon on top then poured rest of the pancake mixture on top works great if you do your batter in a blender then baked at 350 for 20 min it was great to take to work

then i got this great recpie im in love with grain free carob muffins omg to die for they taste like a cross between chcolate cake and brownie

i use coconut oil all the time for everything

my sweetners are coconut sugar and honey and sometimes a bit of agave if i run out but only use it if recpie calls for a couple of tbs if it goes into cups i use honey

now mind you if i try and say oh well a bit of this or that wont hurt it does so i am super strict with what i eat

i process my own coconut flour and milk open them up with a cork screw works wonders the pull down kind and then take it to a piece of cement like the basement stair and it cracks open nicely

im so happy i finally figured out what i can and can not eat

i also have been doing oil pulling i think that helps alot too

i highly recomend oil pulling

now that the brain fog is gone i can now go and get my licence and i am now learning a new job as an aprentance to a upholstery shop working monday - friday 9-5 its wonderful i love it so much and learning alot


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Wow congratulations figuring all that out! :confettithrowingface:

Awesome to hear how fantastic you feel. :)


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I'm so happy for you! It's so nice to hear success stories. :D

Sooo...what's oil pulling?


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What supplements did you use? What was your dosage each day?


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That's awesome! And I love your idea about the pancake batter in a muffin tin with sausage (or whatever). I'm so going to try it! Another one I saw, but haven't tried yet; from a show called 'Sara's weeknight meals' is to line a muffin tin with a slice of ham, drop in an egg and put on some grated cheese and bake until the egg is set. I don't remember how long she baked it, and maybe using scrambled egg would be better so it's not really over cooked in order to cook the yolk. But it's another one I'm going to try, to cut down on carbs and have something made ahead that I can just warm up for lunch or breakfast.


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O M G!!! Colleen--that's FANTASTIC !! I have been wondering how you are doing. You stopped writing posts and I didn't want to bug you!

You really struggled for a while for there and I worried about you so much!

You did it!! yaaaay!

I knew you could do it. I couldn't be more happy for you!!! :)




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I love these stories.

So here is mine..

I'm a single mum to a loving a tender 9y/o. Been overweight most of my 39 years. Today I am 65 kg (143pounds for our US readers). My dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) is still head to toe but milder and mostly healing.

I started getting the 'look' from men about 2-3 months ago. Now I am seeing a very gentlemanly man who describes my DH as being so strange given 'how beautiful the inside is'. In hindsight I think gluten has given me so much grief in so many ways that I can't now fathom that life can be good and happy. It makes my head spin. Can people be this content?


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In hindsight I think gluten has given me so much grief in so many ways that I can't now fathom that life can be good and happy. It makes my head spin. Can people be this content?

Yes, we can! :)

and good for you, Diana--enjoy your steady progress towards good health!

I'm am like you, happy to be healing, although my progress is very slow. I have stopped mourning what was lost to this disease and focus on what lies before me.

FWIW, from all I have learned from people with severe DH, it does die down in time. I know how maddening it is. Hang in there, hon!

Best to you, IH


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    • Seeing as the flu shot will stimulate your immune system, it stands to reason that it could make symptoms flare.  I have never had a flu shot because I am low risk for catching it.  Now, I am nervous to try having one in case the above happens. I am not against vaccines, either, but I have never had the flu and just do not want a flare of symptoms......which can happen at any stage of recovery. I have been under stress for awhile after a few deaths in my family and sure enough, for the first time in 11 years, I have been having some subtle symptoms again and I have not been glutened at all. The docs tell me this is completely normal for those with AI diseases.  Trying to keep the immune system calm and happy can be challenging at times!
    • There's a gluten sniffing dog?????????????  I WANT ONE!  That way, as a service dog, I could take the pup into a restaurant and not be kicked out.  I have always marveled how in Europe, you see some dogs in cafes, sitting besides their owners while they eat. But having a dog to sniff out gluten is just so cool!
    • So, if this supposed damage cannot be seen under a microscope, how does Dr. Fine state with any amount of credibility that the damage is there?  He also needs to distinguish between NCGI and actual Celiac Disease because there is a huge difference. Regardless of what he claims, it is a well established fact that only in Celiac Disease is there villi damage. I am in no way dismissing the very severe symptoms of some with NCGI or its existence as an illness but people without Celiac do not usually have anemia, malabsorption and the resultant vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Their villi do not curl up and die. If there were damage done to a person with NCGI, then if on biopsy, the doctor hits a sweet spot, they would be able to see the damage under microscopic exam. I am also in no way defending the mainstream medical establishment because they certainly nearly killed me with their ignorance.  I know no doctor was looking for Celiac 30 years ago when I was sick but I presented with classic Celiac and they still got it wrong. So, I do hear you on that point but in today's world, we do understand Celiac much better and what Dr. Ford comes out with does not match known science. The problem we have is finding a sure fire way of diagnosing people before their guts are totally trashed.  I am sure testing will become much better and more sensitive for people in the early stages of the disease. I have a very open mind on medical issues and my doctor is a functional medicine MD. They have helped me more than most. But if Dr. Fine wants to be taken seriously, he needs to publish his findings for review by others in the medical field. He should be working with the current medical establishment to enlighten them if he has discovered things they haven't. But when he makes statements like the one I quoted, its hard to take him seriously. BTW....I encourage anyone who becomes ill from eating gluten to be tested for Celiac and if that cannot be proved, then by all means go strictly gluten-free. I know there are people who fall through the cracks but when someone states they need to be gluten-free for health reasons, I believe them!  You don't have to have a diagnosis to want to improve your health with a dietary change.  I am glad your husband has become well on the diet!  That really is the bottom line......  
    • I'm going to hope for a gluten-sniffing dog!  Funny, my 5th grader's science project was about cancer sniffing dogs.  During her presentation, she used our labrador to demonstrate.  She trained our dog to identify food masking as "cancer cells".  It was hilarious!  Our dog actually did it!   Anyway, I can't agree more with Gemini about the TTG measuring dietary compliance.  I continue to test negative to the TTG.   I think the DGP should be included in helping to determine dietary compliance.   Finally, I was saddened to hear that Dr. Fasano's recent research showed that some 20% of children are not experiencing intestinal healing.  We know from other studies that some 2/3 of  adult celiac patients never heal.  It is disheartening!  More post-diagnosis research and better tools to manage celiac disease are desperately needed.  
    • The flu vaccines can also be a bit of a gamble with what strains they put in each year. I've been OK with them generally but one year I had a really bad reaction to it and ended up feeling like someone was shoving razor blades down my throat for the best part of a week 
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