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Waiting For Results From Enterolab

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I just did the stool test with Enterolab and I am waiting for my results tell me if I am the only one who has felt like this before....

--I am 24 years old and I have been sick for the last 10 years of my life, with the past two years being the worst. I have been to doctors and had tons of test run on me, They thought I had Lupus and so on....

--I just heard about celiac a few months ago and tried gluten-free to see if it would help me feel better and it did. Then I went off the diet for a few weeks to get tested my blood work came back negative. I then stayed on my gluten-free diet because it made a difference and now I am doing the enterolab.

--I am waiting for the results and part of me says yes please just say that this is what is wrong with me so I can get on with my life....

--The other part of me is saying please don't let this be what is wrong....

I guess I am scared that it will come back negative because all the other test that I have taken come back negative and after 10 years I almost expect it.

--I know someone has felt the way do, just wanting to know what is wrong with me.




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Kayjay, I hope you have better luck with Enterolab. If you had been gluten free before your blood tests and were only on gluten for 2 weeks before testing, the results would definitely be skewed. I takes several months to rebuild the antibodies in the blood. Enterolab should give you better results. Count yourself very lucky if Celiac is what you have, that it's not something a lot more serious. This diet may be difficult at times but much better than the alternative of many things that could be wrong with you. Good luck. Shirley


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Hi Kayla, Shirley is right, if you do have Celiac be thankful, there are far more serious things out there that you could have! At first going gluten-free can be overwhelming but it does get better, just hang in there! Stick around here and you will find out what foods are gluten-free and wonderful gluten-free recipes!!!! :D


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Definitly I feel thankful if I only have Celiac I am 100% medicine free right now for the first time in years and I love it. I don't mind eating gluten-free I think it is healthier anyways. I just want to know what is wrong I self diagnoised myself and I am just nervous about if I was right. I want to be done with all the symptoms, testing and not knowing.

thanks, I love this website

tonight we are having Rice Pizza I have been craving pizza for weeks :)




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    • Below is copied & pasted from this thread:   My celiac doctor is Dr. Syed Jafri, in Webster, TX (just south of Houston -- basically the Clear Lake City area), saved my LIFE.  I would recommend him to the whole, entire world.  I was desperately ill, and am still struggling, and he's a wonderful, sweet man who listens and is very proactive in helping you solve whatever problems you're having.  I wish all doctors were like him.  I have to fight and struggle with too many doctors to just listen to me and what I live with, day in and day out.  He's not like that.  Good luck to you.     There are recommendations on this thread too:  
    • I never worried about cross contamination because i was originally told i was just intolerant. after going gluten free i felt so much better up until this last march. dairy and fructose have been giving me problems but both lactose and fructose test came back negative.  this is what my gi doctor emailed me today 
    • Any place you know of to find more info? Seems like I am still in so much pain/bloat, I am not even sure if I would pick the right 5 foods!
    • Don't freak out worrying about other maladies yet. You would be absolutely amazed at the things that can/will resolve on the gluten free diet. Some take longer than others -- neurological seem to take the longest for most people but really, I guarantee, there will be things you had no idea or expectation of resolving will. There were tons for me and then there were things I sort of "woke up one day" & said, "hey, that's gone and that & that & that". Other, larger things had taken my attention so I hadn't paid attention to the smaller things until...... On the other hand, not everything is related to celiac but I bet you wouldn't find a handful of celiacs who didn't say something very similar to what I said above. Yes, thyroid problems are common with celiac but I'll also tell you there are/have been people on here who were hypothyroid before dx but after being gluten-free for a while they actually went back to normal thyroid numbers. My husband is one (yes, we both are celiac - it happens). He was on synthroid for 20 years or more. Guess what? He's not on it anymore. We've had his thyroid panel done several times since about a year gluten-free & he is no longer hypothyroid. 
    • Yes please, that'd be awesome Having a fun time trying to reply on my phone due to broken screen but will be back on tomorrow after results of doctor appointment to get to the bottom of why they've given me seemingly wrong advice re: next steps. Yup I'll admit to pity, anger, frustration and outright fear, been through the mill of emotions in this first week that's for sure. One thing before I go for that; back when I was self-diagnosing I wanted a full thyroid panel (T3, T4 etc.) and also ESR & CRP checks for vasculitis and similar maladies. Now it seems from my reading they can often follow celiac so my worry level of those has gone up a notch, more blood tests ahoy it seems? Main reason for worrying about those is the nearly constant tight / tender head I have at the moment. Top and sides of scalp. Could be the stress tensing the shoulders and occipital muscles at back of head but after the celiac diagnosis being missed I'm fearful of anything else being missed. Did anyone else have this tight head feeling at the start? Feels like the skin is being pulled inwards, sometimes goes down for a few minutes here and there and gets worse when sitting I think. I see the term "brain fog" a lot but luckily don't seem to have too much of that at present, this is more a physical sensation.
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