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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Ped Gi Appt. In Oct.

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My son has been having more frequent stomach aches and D. Enough that he openly talks to me about it. We had a convo last night and it sounds like he's tired of it and is willing to do something about it.

So.....I am picking up the lab order for his annual antibody testing next week at my appointment...and we have an appointment at UA Pediatric Gastroenterology in Oct.


Now I have to keep him on gluten through his fall break (3 weeks) at home, since I've been relying on school lunch to gluten him the past year.

I so didn't want it to come to this, but here we are.


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Went to the grocery store for gluten. Figured he may as well eat some of the stuff I never bring home because it may be his only opportunity. Came home with Twinkies, Goldfish, pretzels and Pop Tarts.

He is in heaven, except he has very bad D.

Discovered that he snuck the remaining two small bottles of Weinhard's Orange Cream Soda that he wasn't supposed to get into.

So I have a kid with D chugging sugary soda, and stuffing Goldfish crackers and Pop Tarts in his mouth and wondering why he can't stop cramping and pooping.

I predict a stiff learning curve.

I threatened to throw it all out and shove vital wheat gluten pills down his throat.


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:) You are a good Mom :)

Yes, it's hard to gluten load...and so important! If you know that you are willing to do an endoscopy, try to set that up now too so that not too much time passes between the initial GI visit and endoscopy (so you don't have to continue to keep him on gluten even longer).

Also, you might ask to have his digestive enzymes sampled from his villi during an endoscopy, if you go that route. Not many doctors know of that test, but Dr. Pietzak at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles does (and your doctor could contact her). Interestingly, one of our girls had effectively NO digestive enzymes for sugars, lactose, fats...but craved all those things. I'm sure if I had had orange cream soda anywhere, she would have consumed it...

Yes, I let my kids have a Ding Dong before their endoscopies--made my mom happy that they'd get a chance to taste "American culture" ha ha.

Thinking of you!

P.S. I made my girls "celebratory" gift baskets for going gluten free--packed with all sorts of yummy gluten-free treats (cookies, crackers, pancake mixes, gluten-free lipstick, etc.)

Maybe your son would like a box of treats too...when his gluten-free day comes!


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Thanks for telling me about the digestive enzyme testing.

I don't know if they'll schedule an endoscopy prior to the visit. I am going in with new labs, that's a plus. Of course, I have no idea what they'll say... Maybe after I get the labs I'll call and see if they'll set it up.

As it turns out we both had a stomach virus- which, interestingly enough, seemed like a magnification of his already present symptoms. No fever, etc., but until it hit me neither one of us suspected. So...the urgency has subsided but he still had bouts of nausea, cramping, d (mostly mild c) and sometimes vomiting. It's a few months early for the blood retesting (10 months) but close enough.

So, we will continue to gluten him up. He's thrilled.


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Well, just left peds office. He wants to do an abdominal X-ray, a new celiac panel from a different lab (to see if anything differs), and schedule on endoscopy.

He wants to see what's going on...he thinks its functional constipation but won't make a dx until we go through all of it. He doesn't think it CAN'T be celiac, doesn't think we're crazy, and is actually doing something.

All good news so far.


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So, X-ray shows kid is very constipated.

Well, at least I can honestly (and without sarcasm), tell him he's full of crap.


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:) sounds to me like you and your doctor are good matches and are doing a great job taking care of your son!

Thinking of you!

Keep us posted!


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    • In Dire Need Of Help
      Alex the good news is you have found a great site with useful information and warm support! You need to work with your doctor to get a diagnosis but there are plenty here who have had similar experiences: so it sounds like your on the right lines   Take heart that you have probably found the cause now rather than later.  Follow CyclingLady's excellent advice above and go for celiac screening asap. For tests to work you need to be eating gluten for some time. That is a scary prospect when you've finally experienced some relief but it's for a limited time period, you can get support here along the way and if you choose to you can go gluten-free at the end and get relief whatever the results.  Once you're done testing and off the gluten you will be in a much better position to nail the lifestyle. That may mean some pre-planning, maybe taking a backpack with some gluten-free snacks with you, at least until you find the places you can reliably eat at. There are apps and sites that can help and probably local support groups in NYC as well: With research you'll also get to know what fast food options are viable, what readily available candy bars are ok etc. I can eat Mcdonalds fries for instance, which can come in handy if I'm away from my kitchen or supplies. Most starbucks or equivalents will have at least a gluten-free snack bar. So although a pain in the arse, it's doable and the health payoffs MORE than make up for the hassle.  Good luck! 
    • to biopsy or not?
      I ordered the cookbook the same day you recommended it.  I am SO excited!  I actually cried looking through the book!  I honestly don't believe I am good at all in the kitchen.  I am lucky enough to have a husband who cooks everything when he's home.  The only thing I felt skilled at in the kitchen was baking.  I made all of my kids' birthday cakes for the last 8 years.  I was sad thinking that we wouldn't have anything good for a birthday cake.  I mean, I've tried gluten free cake from a box, but it was just ok.  It wasn't amazing the way a homemade cake can be.  So now I have hope.  Hope that maybe my non-celiac kids will enjoy a birthday cake still.  My daughter (the most-likely-to-be-celiac one) never really ate birthday cake to begin with.   So this summer is her birthday and we will find out if it's good!  Thank you for the recommendation!!!   Janis
    • antibiotic for my 6 year old- could it have gluten?
      It is probably fine.  Very few meds actually have gluten.   shows as gluten-free on this list
    • antibiotic for my 6 year old- could it have gluten?
      My 6 year old just got prescribed an antibiotic (keflex) and is the liquid pink stuff they give kids.  I just realized I didn't ask if it was gluten free when I picked it up from the pharmacy!  Anyone know if I should be concerned?  Does that pink stuff have gluten?
    • Oat Flour making me sick?
      We suspect my 6 year old cannot tolerate gluten-free oats either... do we need to treat them just like wheat as far as CC issues?  Should I not cook oatmeal in pots that we prepare her food in?
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