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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Is This Celiac?

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Hi bwackmusic,

Welcome to the forum :) theres loads of info and helpful people on here so just ask loads of questions and hope you feel well soon :)

thank you Veggie Gal. I just yesterday discovered the problem I have with soy. also discovered, through this site, that being cold is also a result. I'm a bit on over load right now, So, can anyone explain to me about very sudden onset of celiac? I had a furnace break down around Christmas, and had blamed the coldness on that situation, now I wonder. also, does anyone have an understanding about remission? I had ,what was assumed to be acid reflux in the late 90's, had all the tests, but it was never diagnosed as acid reflux, in fact no diagnosis was ever made. The symptoms went away within the year, and I was free of problems. Now it seems that I am in in some kind of "flare". Looking back, I can recall some symptoms that I attributed to other external issues over that last 5 years, but within the last 2 weeks the pain and problems really increased. I do feel better, but also feel very overwhelmed and scared. I read one post that said "go slow". NOT MY STRONG SUIT,but I will have to do so.

I have a wonderful doctor who said that we could do tests. I asked to do that later, and to try to get feeling better by changing my diet first. Is there a suggestion on how often to eat? Thank you for ayone who can help. I live alone and would appreciate any help from this community. bfm


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I guess we would be able to offer more help if we knew exactly what your symptoms are when you have a 'flare'. Are you having any digestive issues or are we talking just about acid reflux. You also mention being cold and now finding you have a problem with soy. What are the symptoms, apart from the possible acid reflux, that you attribute to possible celiac disease. Have you considered having the celiac blood testing done if you believe that's what you might have. If you want to be tested this should be done while you are still eating gluten. We are happy to offer all the help you need :) - we just need to know what that help is that you need.


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