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Got Results From Last Exam Now Worried&confused!

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 11:06 AM

This will be a long post but I really need opinions.Below are my celiac results and thyroid results plus vitamin deficiency reports plus doctors comments below.Just so everyone knows I scheduled today with my doc otherwise everything was considered normal to them by phone??? For celiac :anti-gliadine iga. 0-19.9. Result 2.6. Anti-gliadine igg . 0-19.9 result 2. Anti- transglutaminase. Iga. 0-3.9. Result 1.23 For thyroid: tsh:1.12. Free t4: 20.3. Range 12-22 Freet3 coming soon took it today was left out last time. Vitamin stats: vitamin D 148 range 79.9-250 (I supplement 4000iu daily) . B-12 range 179-660 result 874 I supplement 1000mcg was told to back off supplements, Iron: range 11-28 I'm 17 folic acid: range 7-39.7 I'm 32.8 Ferratine : 30-400 I'm 114.9 CBC count:all good Urine test:all good Cortisol: 64-536 range I'm 482.3 My sodium and potassium chlorur and glucose good . The glucose was actually 3.3-6 range I'm 6.2 .He said at that number they don't bother with it. Ohh and calcium range 2.13-2.6 I'm 2.47 and magnesium range .65-1.05 I'm .89 and I supplement both calcium and mag . Here is where I'm worried but doc isn't and wouldn't of bothered with it if I hadn't gone to see him today. Two readings for liver ALT. 5-41 I'm 55 and Ggt range 08-61 I'm 64 and lastly cholesterol total range 3.15-5.18 I'm 5.38 and LDL cholesterol in the breakdown range 1-2.59 I'm 3.77. HDL cholesterol I'm in range. The doc says people like alcoholics or over weight people have readings of double or triple the liver readings I have so that's why he didnt bother. To appease me he ran another slew of just liver tests and even said because I worry so much at 145$ an echo scan of my liver/abdominal area just to settle my mind.He also told me to stay off gluten because 1: when we tested the first time it had been 3 weeks I was off gluten and I was off previously before my spaghetti dinner episode. 2: it can't be ruled out and my second big body shut down of fatgue,muscle pain/tension/weakness/shortness of breath and palpatations was again another spagehtti dinner last Friday .He said it can be complete coincidence or actually gluten causing worse and worse symptoms each time I eat it. He also said it can take way longer that a week to feel better after eating gluten and way longer that that to heal the collateral damage ??? I'm just scared now that I have liver cancer and they will find something on the echo scan and that will be my end.Ive been sick too long (march 2011) with off and on symptoms and its taken a huge toll on my mental stability!! Also high colesterol? On a fruit/meat/veggie and potatoe chip diet? Hell I've lost 25 pounds!! Apart from two major glutening dinners I've been pretty hardcore gluten free
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Posted 01 February 2013 - 12:13 PM

If you've been gluten free before testing started, then it would throw them off. Very off.

At any rate, unless you were to go back on the gluten, any further tests for it wouldn't be very conclusive. There is a genetic test you can have done to see if there is a chance that you could develop it.

Even if you did go back on it, there is no say whether or not you have celiac. It could just as easily be NCGI (non-celiac gluten intolerence) which mimics many of the same symptoms that celiac has (outside of actual damage).
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Posted 02 February 2013 - 02:05 PM

'Wolf is right about the NCGI (in my opinion). It is much much more common that celiac and sufferer's don't have the intestinal damage so unlike those with celiac, they often have normal vitamin and mineral levels (there are exceptions - I'm one in fact) and they don't have the low cholesterol levels that many celiacs have.

Most of your tests look really good, so chances are you don't have celiac or thyroiditis. celiac disease does have a 25% false negative blood test rate (approximately) so there is a chance you are one of the minority.

Either way, it's probably a good thing to go gluten-free for at least a few months, a half year is better.

BTW, many around here have astonishing stories of "unexplained" liver function recovery after going gluten-free. Try not to jump to the worst conclusion. Chances are it's not cancer, and your diet (gluten) has affected your liver.

... And make sure those potato chips are gluten-free. ;) Best wishes. Let us know how it goes.
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