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Mandy Moore Takes Her Upper Endoscopy Test for Celiac Disease to Instagram

Mandy Moore goes public with Instagram posts of endoscopy, celiac diagnosis

Photo: CC--Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV 11/30/2017 - Talk about handling a celiac disease diagnosis in style. This past summer, "Us" star Mandy Moore showed us how its done, when she documented the process of working with her doctor to determine if she had celiac disease.

She even posted a photo of her endoscopy visit for her Instagram followers. Moore captioned the post:

"Grog city. Just had an upper endoscopy to officially see whether or not I have celiac (only way to officially diagnose)…things are looking 👌)."

Later, and also on Instagram, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with celiac disease.

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"Well, this definitely takes the (now gluten free cake) for bummer news," she wrote on her Instagram story at the time. "Any celiac sufferers out there with any helpful tips??"

Maybe consider looking at for helpful tips and information on living with celiac disease and eating gluten-free?

Later, she posted another message, thanking her fans for sharing their knowledge with her, adding that there were "so many lovely humans out there. My heart is full."

Moore seems to be embracing the realities of a gluten-free diet. Later, in an Instagram post celebrating her engagement to Taylor Goldsmith, Moore thanked her friends and family for their support, and noted that she planned to "enjoy some delightful gluten-free tea sandwiches (and 🥂) like ladies do."

Best of luck to Mandy Moore in dealing with her new found celiac disease diagnosis. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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3 Responses:

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said this on
04 Dec 2017 10:09:45 AM PST
It's always interesting to see "famous" folks adapt to a celiac diagnosis--since I've been GF for more than 20 years I feel like telling them how much easier it is to be GF now vs. 20 years ago!! Also I have a question, do you or anyone else know if the food banks and food prep programs (ie like AARP recent attempt) collect GF food contributions, along with everything else? I ask bc every year I donate food stuffs to the programs in my area, I ask that question when I hand over the GF food I am donating...and for too many years to count they always say--"we don't know--but we'll get back to you--and they never do. Where can I find that info? I am starting to not want to donate because they are so deaf to GF needs.

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said this on
05 Dec 2017 6:51:28 AM PST
I have wondered this myself, especially this time of year. I see all the free Thanksgiving meals for the homeless and wonder how I would deal with it if I were the homeless person with celiac. Would I need to refuse the food due to potential for cross contamination? Eat only the naturally GF foods?

AWOL Cast Iron Stomach
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said this on
07 Dec 2017 2:47:27 PM PST
Thanks for the follow up on Mandy Moore and her diagnosis. I do not have an Instagram account so I did not hear of her follow up diagnosis until now. May she heal us and hopefully be another "famous" supporter of the celiac community. rnrnMary & Vicki my local food donation center in my town collects my GF food. They said they accept GF food. I do not know if it goes directly to another celiac in my community in need or if it is sent to a neighboring town in my county that has a specific GF food bank. That GF food bank serves the larger county or which my town belongs too. They have shared that much with me. rnrnI ironically got several items from me as in addition to Gluten I have developed a corn intolerance so out went many GF processed foods. I removed corn, gluten, and cow milk from my home. So someone if not a corn intolerant celiac benefited in my county.

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While a diagnosis is nice to have, it is possible to remain gluten free and LCHF. My hubby has been for over 16 years (long before my diagnosis). There is no way he would consider a challenge (we like to pay our bills!) Just because you have the genes to develop something, does not mean i...

In my case Ulcerative Colitis for me reacts to fructose, glucose, and addition to the common triggers I am already avoiding. Sugars/carbs/starches cause a type of flare up. IT becomes apparent with I get anemic and start shitting blood and mucus. Keto it went from globs of blood, ex...

I buy EOS which marked Gluten Free. I can get it in bulk at Costco in yummy flavors. If you are in doubt or in a pinch, try Plain old Vaseline or Coconut Oil.

Enis_TX: Thank you for the reply. I'm doing Atkins/Keto/Paleo combos so I would love recipes or tips! I started with Atkins but they use a lot of sugar alcohols in their products and those don't agree with me. I still use the tracker but I've switched to more fats with the Keto macros rather than...

Thank you for the information. I will give Aquaphor a try!