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July 22, 2005



well, had a rough night. I had wheat yesterday and boy, did I pay for it. All night long my stomach ached and cramped. It's also kicked up my ra, could hardly get out of bed this morning. I can't wait to get off prednisone next month!I made myself some scrambled eggs with a little cheese. put a little miracle whip on that and had a glass of orange juice. oj won't help the hypo but i knew I couldn't handle milk and my wrists are too weak to lift a tea kettle this morning and water, well, water and eggs together make me gag.it's been a rough six months, going on seven. actually the last 4 years have been tough but from November on it got really stressful and from January on it got worse. I'm ready for some relaxed time, I'd love to have a few days alone in the mountains to just sit and do nothing.i am better the last week or two about personal care. there for a month or so i didn't care if i showered, put on make up, brushed my hair or anything else. i know it was depression from all of this hitting me along with personal loss but it was very hard to get over and i still struggle some days. i read my conditioner last night, it has wheat in it. it's a leave in conditioner so i had in on my all day! i wonder if that's why i've been feeling badly the last few days? am i that sensitive?today is a strict day for me. i need to get over cravings and move along with this. i don't want my family's fate when it comes to celiac disease.more laterann



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