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Then And Now



I was diagnosed with Celiac July 2014, so very sick for about 6 months prior to that, vomiting, fatigue, you name it. So once I was diagnosed it was time for a change. GLUTEN FREE! Well that couldn't be to hard right? Well that's what I thought but not so easy. I still struggle with it some days it's so easy other days hard as ever. We have pot lucks and well for a person with Celiac this is not a pleasant occasion, but you get together with friends and some will just make only the food you can eat and you feel blessed that they would do such a thing. I have gotten a little off topic. My point was to look back before my diagnosis.

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Things come to light now that I have the disease and know that I have it. I look back to a 5 day hospital stay where not one Dr. could figure out my abdominal pain. Was it Celiac? Less than 5 years I ran into "acid reflux" or was it Celiac? My last pregnancy I had sickness vomiting normal pregnancy stuff but it would take every ounce of energy out of me, was it celiac not just pregnancy? Stuff used to randomly make me sick, Celiac? Somethings I look at now just make me wonder how long have I been unknowingly dealing with Celiac simply because there was no diagnosis?! Interesting concept. Many ah-ha moments have come up when I find out some type of symptom Celiac gives you that I had one time or another that only now makes sense.



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I am doing a lot of assessing right now as well. I keep looking back and remembering occasions when no doctor could figure out why a healthy person like me just couldn't get better from something simple (like an ear infection.) Why I had such difficult pregnancies and why I got shingles in my 20's and it took 5 years to heal completely from it. Or why in the span of 9 months I had whooping cough twice and pneumonia twice and just couldn't seem to get better. As I remember these experiences I wonder when the Celiac was triggered. Does anyone ever figure that out? I wonder sometimes how long I've had it and whether I could have figured this out sooner. I am a professional counseling by profession, and I guess it is the therapist in me that wants to write up a history, try to connect the dots, and see what I can learn from my past that might help in my future.

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Don't let being gluten free keep you from having a great time with friends and family.  I find it comforting to bring a gluten free dish or two to pass that other's will also enjoy when attending an event or pot luck.  I sometimes will have something to eat prior to attending an event as well, depending upon the situation.

 With Celiac,  If you do become ill, your energy levels can drop dramatically and it can be more difficult and take longer to recover.  Your health is in your gut so always adhere to a gluten free diet and don't yo yo. Consult your physician if you are ill.  When I find my energy levels declining I drink aloe juice with the aloin removed and take good gluten free probiotic.


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