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French Fried/Blooming Onions

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So a few days ago when experimenting with making something else, I managed to make french fried onions by accident adding stuff in the wrong order and then did it again trying.

Update Perfection,
2 cups (220g) Blanched Almond Flour
2 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp Salt
4 Eggs Whisked
1 large onion cut into small slivers then into 1/2-1" Lengths.

Mix your almond flour, Pepper, salt and whisk
Cut up your onion as described
Mix the almond flour and egg mixture then coat the onions in it and proceed to pan fry in 1/2" of oil over medium high heat in small batches, letting the oil come back up to temp between batches (check temp you do not want it too hot or to burn)
Pan frying gave blacked edges and crisper, while air frying gave something a bit more like crisped blooming onion result, the deep fry in the oil was a bit messy and required setting on a paper towel covered plate

This is a concept I would like to throw out there for thanksgiving to see if anyone has better luck with and can perfect it

These would be great over dressing or casserole

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