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Oreo Cookies

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Again experimenting with some odd rewrite of others recipes to meet cravings, I give you Oreo Cookies DO NOTE the type of Cocoa used is Important

2 1/4 Cup (249g) Almond Flour
3 tbsp (21g) Coconut flour
4 tbsp (32g) BLACK cocoa Powder (Blommers on Amazon)
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Psyllium Husk
1/4 tsp Salt

1/2 Cup (120G) Nutiva Butter Flavored Coconut oil melted
1/2 Cup (100G) Swerve

1 Large Egg Room Temp
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
20 drops O's  Cookie oooFlavors (optional)

1. Preheat Oven to 350F
2. In a medium Bowl Mix top 6 ingredients and whisk well
3. In a separate bowl cream together the swerve and coconut oil for a few mins
4. Mix in the Egg, vanilla and drops til well combined
5. Add in the Dry and mix til well combined
6. Roll out the dough on parchment paper, I find using plastic wrap on top then a roller worked well til about 1/8" thick
7. Using a cookie cutter cut in to as many cookies as you can and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet (I filled almost 2 sheets)
Re-rollout and keep up til you have used all the dough
8. Bake 12-15mins then let cool completely, Store in the fridge before trying to put the filling on it, as they need to be cold.


NOTE I spread a cream cheese type frosting on them
Simple Frosting x2 for extra Frosting
1tbsp Coconut oil butter flavored
4tbsp confection swerve sugar free sweetener
2tbsp Lakanto maple
1/2 tsp LorAnn Oil non dairy cream cheese extract

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