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A Case for Thiamine Supplemenation in Celiacs IF only for a Season in Time

A Case for Thiamine Supplementation in Celiac’s IF only for a Season in Time

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I have been doing Posterboy blog posts every so often now for a while now to share my experience with supplementation.

I have settled on the fact that many of the existing GI issues can triggered by existing nutritional deficiencies.

((I think most people must think I still take Niacinamide or Thiamine or a B-complex.....I do not now take any of these things. 

I only took them for a Season in Time and the reason for the name of this Posterboy blog post.

For many taking an Enzymic B-Complex with Benfotiamine (preferably with Magnesium Glycinate or Magnesium Citrate with meals)

for  3 to 6 months when taken with meals will be enough, for some 6 months or longer might be needed.....

you  decide the Season and the times that is best for you!))

See this research entitled “Nutritional inadequacies of the gluten free diet in both recently diagnosed and long term

patients with celiac disease”  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23198728/

As I often note….. research is 5 or 10 years old (for whatever topic it is)…in this case that Thiamine is not only Low

at diagnosis of a Celiac diagnosis…continuing to eat a gluten free diet without supplementation will make you even LOWER in Thiamine.

This is not a case of the “Chicken or the Egg”….. a Thiamine deficiency comes FIRST….then you develop GI problems IMHO.

This leads to an impaired Vagus Nerve response…. https://www.md-health.com/Vagus-Nerve.html

I once thought this was a Niacin deficiency (and in part it still can be) but it begins with a Thiamine Deficiency first

(beyond the scope of this Posterboy blog post)…..when one develops the skin condition of DH in/with their Celiac diagnosis….

the Celiac has gone onto to develop a Niacin deficiency.

I never developed full blown Pellagra (beyond limited skin involvement) I did not develop symptom’s beyond

Pellagra Sine Pellagra aka as a Riboflavin deficiency as noted by horrid Angular Cheiliitis (Leaky Lips)….

After extensive PMing back and forth with EnnisTx (I don’t think I ever told him) I realized….I had gotten the wrong diagnosis….

so from then I adjusted/iterated the model.

I changed my opinions/mind about my conclusions…..and realized I had been wrong….

So that sent me back to the drawing board(s) so to speak…..if it wasn’t Pellagra what was it….

And I will skim over this portion because it is only an intermediate step in the process as noted above I had developed

not Pellagra but Pellagra Sine Pellagra a Riboflavin deficiency.

See this research entitled “Kynurenine pathway metabolites in humans: disease and healthy States”

Here is the abstract to keep it on the lighter side…. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22084578/

Once the Kynurenine Pathway breaks down…essentially your immune system goes haywire…

Here is the more technical answer via their conclusion on the Kynurenine Pathway and disease states…


The kynurenine pathway is an effective mechanism in modulating the immune response and in inducing immune tolerance.

This is achieved by accelerating the degradation of tryptophan and the generation of kynurenines. The metabolites of the pathway,

with their different inherent properties, can also synergize or antagonize the effects of one another. By measuring the levels of tryptophan,

kynurenines and the K/T ratio under various pathological conditions, the degree of immune activation and the relationship between

the kynurenine pathway and disease states may be gleaned. However, much research is still needed to fully understand the complex

interaction between tryptophan, IDO and kynurenines among themselves and within the CNS and in the periphery. With the seemingly

prevalent involvement of the kynurenine pathway in a wide range of different diseases and disorders, the knowledge gained from research

focusing on the kynurenine pathway may be translated into designing novel and more effective treatment strategies.”

I did not set out to learn this….but only set out for the truth of the matter.

But from there I was able to back track and find out the trigger for this cascade…

It was not B3 or B2 (not really) but B1….(Or lack thereof) that was the real trigger…

I have been counting down B-Vitamins all this time….you might say I have been counting down to One!

The combination of these B-Vitamins (B1, B2, B3) had been shown to down regulate inflammation in the body.

See where this was recently studied in the mouse model for health entitled

“Vitamin B combination (of B1, B2, B3) reduces fluconazole toxicity in Wistar rats”


And while they each work to down regulate inflammation…..together they are dynamite!

But what was the Spark??? That creates the BOOM!

Thiamine is the Spark for Energy!

According to Lonsdale it (Thiamine) is the “Spark of Life”…. http://europepmc.org/article/MED/22116701

Stress requires energy and we absolutely can NOT make energy without Thiamine.

The Thiamine deficiency came First…..It is not a “Chicken AND the Egg” scenario.

One interesting new study that illustrates this point and I will try and wrap up this Posterboy blog post at least for a Season of Time.

Let’s go back to the B1, B2, B3 issue of picking which one is the Spark for the Autoimmune BOOM triggered by inflammation.....

Sepsis is a condition in the body that is triggered by unchecked infection often….and what down regulates inflammation in the body???

Answer B-Vitamins at least in part…..we know B1, B2, and B3 work synergistically to down regulate inflammation in the body thereby

controlling first inflammation and thus Sepsis.

How can we know it is B1 instead of B3…because new research bears this fact out!

See this Sciencedirect article about Thiamine and Sepsis and how unchecked inflammation can be a sign of a Thiamine deficiency

not the other way around … https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/nursing-and-health-professions/thiamine-deficiency


Effect of Sepsis on Intestinal Thiamine Uptake Thiamine deficiency is prevalent in patients with sepsis.15–17 This appears to be

mediated in part via an effect of sepsis on intestinal thiamine uptake37 given recently reported observations of a significant

inhibition in intestinal thiamine uptake in rat model of sepsis where the degree of inhibition was shown to correlate with the severity of sepsis.

The degree of the Thiamine Deficiency correlated with the degree of the Sepsis!

Again, the Thiamine deficiency came First…..It is not a “Chicken AND the Egg” scenario.

To quote Ecclesiastes 3 (read it all if you get chance) it is so well known the first few verses can be quoted (or commonly known).

And it is often quoted  at major life events such as death and at marriages or when one gets sick…..this too can pass!

But if you want energy during these emotional times you can’t pass by Thiamine!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

It is time for a “Season of Thiamine” to fight off the stress and inflammation your GI tract is now experiencing because your

body is low in Thiamine……

before medically diagnosable Beri Beri develops from unchecked inflammation in the body!

There will be time of Joy! Of Celebration that you found out what was causing your “Chronic” Fatigue

that the doctors couldn’t diagnose!  Because they didn’t know the cause of the unchecked inflammation


I had similar things happen to me….before Sepsis develops someone in a Celiac Crisis will develop Refeeding Syndrome…..

presenting itself as “Electrolyte Abnormalities”

See my Posterboy blog post how I was a Posterboy for a Thiamine deficiency post and the doctor’s were misdiagnosing it!


If this is the right diagnosis you would expect patterns to emerge in the research and when we look we see we/they do!

2 out of 3 Celiac’s who do not respond to a gluten free diet get (feel) better when they are treated for SIBO or unchecked

inflammation from an overgrowth of bacteria!


And a Thiamine Deficiency is known to be common in a SIBO diagnosis.

It Turns out the Bacteria need Thiamine for their Spark of Life too! Draining your in the  process leading to your Fatigue!

And new research is emerging that Toxic Shock (this is no longer an hypothesis) but a working Theory that “Thiamine (vitamin B1)

(can be used) in septic shock: a targeted therapy” which IMO is being triggered by gluten in Celiac’s when you First get low in

Thiamine presenting as a Celiac Crisis or being Misdianosed as Refeeding Syndrome or SIBO in IMO.


I must stop before this blog post gets too long again……

I truly hope it helps someone else! It is time for a Season of health!

I share that it might help the next person…..so they won’t have to suffer without the doctor’s help the way I did!

I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advise.

2 Corinthians 1:3, 4

3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;

4 Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort

wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

2 Tim 2:7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included.

Posterboy by the grace of God,


IF you have a spare hour of your time this youtube link about how a Thiamine Deficiency can lead to Vagus Nerve

disorders is worth your time! Entitled “Is Thiamine Deficiency Destroying Your Digestive Health? Why B1 Is ESSENTIAL For Gut Function”

Or if you prefer to reading to video this is a nice article that shows the Thiamine Deficiency in a SIBO Patient connection…

and remember in 2 out of 3 Celiac’s who do not get better eating a gluten free diet feel better after treating their SIBO

Or is it more appropriately treating their Thiamine Deficiency???  A Season of Thiamine (or a B-complex) can tell you

if it was the "Chicken or the Egg".  What have you got to loose but Time! It is time for a Season of Health!


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