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Yay New Symptom (Heavy Neck Pain)

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Before you ask, no I had not had my thyroid,vitamin,or this or that checked, I am Canadian and we get this done for free but it takes appointments over another appoints to 2-3weeks to get the test results.


I have an appointment to make the first step to get my thyroid and vitamin checked, that is if the doctor even agree to check me for it, we will see how it goes.


Now I am wondering if any of you have this, I started having this quite a while ago 1 month or so but it wasn't that intense now yesterday and today has gotten just so bad, it has come to the point where I can't keep my neck in a normal siting position, not even tired atm but my neck is just crunching me down, is this something linked to celiac/thyroid/vitamin deficiency or something else?

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