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What Nutritional And Healing Products Should I Start With ?

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Its been a few years now since i stopped eating gluten. Im better but not my old self (in fact far from it). My stomach does not hurt as much as it used to but energy is still not where it need to be and I'm still constipated (bloated) with dark black stool from time to time which is only relieved by very soft stool a few days later. 


I may have an underlying leakygut or candida infection im not really sure.



-What tests can i do to confirm either or both leakygut and candida? 


-I also need suggestions of specific brands of vitamin and nutritional products that could help restore and heal my health, would do you recommend?









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Are you doing


Probiotic.  I use Restore Pro-Biotic which I get from Azure Standard.

Digestive enzymes:  I am using Genuine NZimes Dr. Howells original formula:  Extra Strength

Multi Vitamin;  I am using one called Vita-Nutrients Minimal and Essential:  I get from Between the Bridges in Mankato, Mn


You need to find out if you have other intolerances and avoid them.  My rotational diet helped with this, but I really improved when I didn't eat them at all.  I used food antibody testing, but many would rather do food diaries.  Find some new foods to add, you hopefully won't antibodies to them.


I highly recommend SpectraCell nutrient test to find out what nutrients you need to feed your cells.  This was recommended to me by a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner.  It helps to know which supplements you really need and which you do not.  If you cannot do this there are common nutrients that we need to recover.  A couple that stand out to me are B12 sublingual, Vitamin D, and Magnesium,


Check to see if you have a adrenal gland problem.  My health practitioner used ortho-static blood pressure to find that.  I am on adrenal support herbs that really help and perk me up.  I had to half the dose when I woke up at 4 am ready to go!   I don't think they would help if you didn't need them. 


I am giving these soley on the basis that I had 30 years of celiac symptoms undiagnosed, and have recovered to have alert mind, and some energy using similar means.  I am still recovering after 18 months gluten free.


It does seem like you have had plenty of time to feel better.  I hope some of these ideas will be able to help you.

Get Well***


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Thank you for advise. No i have not been using probiotics regularly. I will from now. Especially cause ive been feeling better from drinking 2 litres of filmjölk per day previously, which is sort of a yoghurt with bacteria in it.


I dont take my multiV because it kind of upset my stomach. Not in a gluten way just doesent seem to feel good afterwards. 


I feel like my food just sits in my stomach without beeing processed. With a large amount of air below it in the lower gut. 


I also found the 101thread for newbies. Good read


B12 sublingual sounds like it would be worth a shot aswell as magnesium too. Will have to start on multV aswell. 

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