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Question On My Sons Results

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TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IgG result 0.28 range <=0.90 Index

 Tissue transglutaminase IgA result 0.08 range <=0.90 Index


 these are his results which are negative obviously, however it seems the IGA is extremely low. Is this the IGA test or should I ask for a different test? He doesn't show any symptoms but he was very sick when he was a toddler. His check up was good and he is at the normal height and weight


He also had protein in his urine which the dr. said was fine because it was only 10mg but I read no protein should be present in urine.


I'm so frustrated with dr.'s and don't trust them much at this point so I thought I'd ask here


We have Kaiser and they use outdated lab levels, they are still using the old thryroid testing and all their ranges fall on the higher side.

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If he has low IgA (5% of celiacs do which is higher than the regular population) then all IgA based tests  (DGP IgA, EMA IgA, tTG IgA) would most likely be negative even if he has celiac. If IgA is low then the only valid test is his tTG IgG.


The deaminated gliadin peptide tests (DGP IgA and DGP IgG) are considered to be superior tests for celiac during childhood.  If you are going to request more blood tests, those would probably be the best to ask for.  There is also the EMA tests but they indicate advanced damage and frequently miss celiac disease in kids. There is also the AGA tests but they are not as reliable and some think they can indicate non-celiac gluten intolerance as well.


I live in Canada, and we have the old ranges too (0.2-6.0 for TSH) so I had to chase down an "alternative" type of doctor to get the care I needed.  I hope you find good help. (hugs)

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