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Gluten Free Eczema Skin Treatment

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Hello! We've recently adopted a 7 year old boy who was orphaned two years ago (both parents and older brother passed away in a tragic car accident). We've recently discovered that in addition to several food allergies, eczema and asthma, he has a gluten intolerance. He is currently on a strict gluten free diet which has helped with a lot of break outs and rashes. However his skin is still extremely dry. Does anyone know of an eczema cream or treatment that s gluten free? He is currently using aquaphor, but I think he needs an extra layer of moisturizer or something to keep his skin from drying out so much. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Have you looked into bleach baths? It sounds bad but it's less than is in a swimming pool (very very diluted).  We did them for about a month with my DD along with Vanicream as recommended by a group of eczema Moms.  Once things were under control, we now just need the cream. Also, less frequent baths in cooler water. Perhaps all this you already know but that is what we have done and it's worked out well.

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