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Gluten In Tobacco Products? Specifically Djarum Cloves.

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Just wondering what the experts say. I am currently away from my personal kitchen, two weeks now, my guts have been upset, and lots of headache. I have been pretty careful and it just now occurred to me that I have been smoking an occasional djarum clove cigar (my friend that I am staying with smokes them) they taste like candy. Not looking for a smoking lecture. Anyone with similar exp. or actual knowledge

...I will of course stop smoking them, as they are definitely an unknown


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I would suggest contacting them through their website. I remember back when I was a smoker at one point I worked in a factory and the workforce there was more than 50% Indonesian immigrants. Most smoked Djarum clove cigarettes. Don't ask me how, but their families sent them to them at far less then the price a pack of smokes and I would buy a few packs from them a week either in cash or trade because they were generally awesome. (I'm not advocating smoking, just saying that this brand is unsurpassed in so many ways that it is impossible to even articulate.) Of course, that was before my celiac diagnosis so I can't say if they bothered me in any way in that regard.

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